A Liberal Rigged Conservative FINANCIAL Money Market

Would all stock exchanges, & private banking trades be transparent, rigging the stock market, pension funds, retirement funds, since IP tracking saves, makes public & transparent & stores private information? Is this a form of digital insider trading? So bad investments can be made, where if a stock goes to an IPO, then the angel investors can boost it up, using computer software, & sell out, stiffing the pension & retirement investors? Using Public WIFI, to collect data on brokerage computer trading data? 
How come secured government bank accounts don't earn the same interest as unsecured brokerage accounts?

Why do we have voting machines in church which is not representative of Separation of Church & State?

RESPONSE to equality posed by a politician, singing the song, Jesus Loves the Little Children! A Liberal dose of Conservative values! She worded this perfect! We had two versions in church in the grammar school grade school years! First it was Red & yellow, black & white, they are precious in his sight! Then they changed it to Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, & White a few years later! It was a very gradual process for all of us, which is why its so painful, to see people trying to pull us backwards! When I was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7, I saw two men holding hands! I got in trouble when I shouted, look those two men are holding hands! I also got in trouble for pointing out a black man smoking a cigarette when I was about 3. I was told it was not nice to point that out! Yet men in church hold hands when saying a prayer! Many of them smoked, & smelled of cigarettes in church! My grandparents church of Methodist would hold hands, with a prayer chain & have morning …

Thought Spiral October 11 2019 - 10-11 Where do trends come from?

This lady calls me from a Mutual Company, that says, Lilburn Georgia! We get calls from Lilburn all the time! Which lilburn sounds like a cartoon character! (reminder: make a drawing & sketch of an alien named LILBURN) She says something about a Mutual Company about my Grandson Christian! Which would remind me of the Gerber Grow UP plan for kids, where someone else is setting on your money, earning interest on your money!
The name Christian is a common name, I wonder if it is derived from Christianity! My Grandpa Herbs middle name was Christian! I have a brother named Christopher, like Christopher Columbus & Christopher Robbin & Chris Cross! I went to college with a guy named chris, who looked a bit like Marshall Mathers M&M! When people have babies, 200 years ago, where did they get names from! Many names were passed from family elders! I remember feeling pressure from the paternal side of the family inlaws to name babies from elder family members who had passed!…

Should the US Military no longer put the troops social security number on dog tags?

A netflix phishing scam is going around on facebook asking for social security numbers!  To get comcast turned on, I had to give them my social security number, same with the electric bill, water bill, banking accounts, medical services! Seems it violates the 4th amendment, illegal seizure of private information for some and not others!? The ambulance service was asking me my social security number & address, when I fell & injured my head August 11! The hospital asked for my social security number too! How do we protect our social security number, when some won't let you turn the service on, use the service, unless you give them your social security number? How is this UNIFORMITY in SERVICES!? UCMJ under the united states, uniform code of military justice, uniformity in services! Does the US Military still for the troops to have their social security number on their dog tags?

A Liberal Dose of Conservative Homelessness: Are there enough jobs for everyone? Do all jobs count as a job?

A Liberal Dose of Conservative Homelessness: Are there enough jobs for everyone? Do all jobs count as a job?
How come there are not enough jobs for the homeless to have a job, so homeless person doesn't have to be homeless? Small gestures are nice, but that is like trying to put a bandaid on a volcano! How come no one ever looks at the larger problem, which is homelessness? The elephant in the room! Buying food might make someone feel good about about their self in that moment! But Are there enough jobs for everyone, to begin with?
1. Can the homeless, get a job, due to 4th amendment illegal search & seizure of personal information, which exposes homeless past history to potential employers with background checks?
2. Can the homeless, get a job, when homeless is required to take a drug test to get a job, which violates the 4th amendment illegal search & seizure of personal information, intended to discriminate, target drug users as bad people, excluding that homel…


TALKING BACK to MY YOUNGER MILITARY SPOUSE/WIFE SELF: October 1st - 6th is a MakeHer events for Military Spouse entrepreneurs, so the event is over, but I still wanted to note it! It's in South Carolina, not far from here! Well, 1099 work does not count as a job, & you can't get unemployment when funding ends! BUT being a mother/spouse is a job, taking care of things at home, children but is unpaid & you can't get unemployment upon divorce! When you lose 1099 work, & get divorced, that is putting partners/spouses in to an immediate personal depression/defunding related to income, neither of which permit unemployment benefits! Since military families live paycheck to paycheck, then how would it be reasonable to assume that a military spouse mother, raising children, would have an income to hire a divorce attorney for $5000, to get a judgement in a divorce? Women/spouse thru marriage are working our whole life!
When you file married jointly, your spouse may a…

Liberal Applied Conservative Ethics of Excluding Woman from the Mix

Does that mean CEOs, & senior leaders, supervisors in corporations also avoid misconduct investigations by retiring? Hmmmm....... makes you wonder! And they get retirement packages, pension, stock holdings, retirement, to accompany their misconduct, so they are rewarded for misconduct!  So men get rewarded, & a divorced spouse gets nothing!  

(I was having a conversation with a young man in the grocery store who looked just like my oldest son!  He even spoke like him! His mannerisms were just like my son! I wanted to hug him, just because I miss my kids! He and another guy were talking about health insurance! My daughter & sons served, in the US Military as kids, & later became active duty! I served a different role as support, rear detachment, doing the same jobs they do in the military, only the US military got paid! Just trying to get divorced, my ex made things harder on my during the process! On purpose! The US military veterans deserve social security disability, …