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How to make Crochet Shell Stitch

Basic Shell Stitch

Basic Shell Video Tutorial:Crochet Shell - Basic Stitch
Basic Shell Slow Motion: Crochet Shell - Slow Motion

SH - Shell
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet

Shell - The shell for this pattern stitch will consist of 5 double crochet.
The Multiple is 6+2.

Row 1: 1 SC in next chain from hook. SK 2 CH, 5 DC in next Chain,
SK 2 CH, SC in next chain. Continue across. At the end, CH3 and turn.
Row2: 2 DC in same sc as turning CH 3, *SC in 3rd DC in next shell.
SK next 2 DC and 5 DC in next SC. REP from * across.
Row 3: CH 1, turn, 1 SC in the same stitch. 5 DC in the next SC,
SC in the 3rd DC of the next shell. Continue across. Work a single crochet at the edge in the half shell.


When you want something bad enough, you keep at it until you achieve your goal. Apply the same thought to crochet and it will be worth your time. I struggled when I first started out crocheting. A lot of it didn't makes sense to me. In 1983, I was a young mother with one baby and another one the way. I would find myself getting in to a rhythm, and then a baby would cry. I was frustrated that I couldn't crochet. I had found something that made me feel good about myself and that was crocheting. My time was limited but I still practiced every chance I got.

Today, things seem cheap and crochet is a very inexpensive hobby to do. Way back when I was young, I would finish up a project and wonder when I was going to have enough money to afford to buy a skein of yarn or ball a thread. My mom bought me a snowflake leaflet full of various snowflakes and many challenges. I had two hooks. A steele size 7 and an aluminum size I. I would recommend those sizes to anyone starting ou…