CH 5. Form a loop.

1) Single Crochet CH 3, 5 times in loop.

2) SL ST in LP. CH 3, 9 DC, SC in previous round. 10 DC in next LP, SC in previous LP. Continue around three more times, SC and SL ST in beg CH.

Video Tutorial: Crochet-How to Crochet a Flower


  1. i love your flower pattern it is absolutly wonderful.

  2. Hi Theresa!

    I've been making lots of flowers, but not with double petals, so I tried it today, and even did 2 different colors for the first time (yay!)

    I took a picture so you could see. It's not perfect, haha, but I like it! Thanks for being such an amazing teacher!

    Here's the flower!

  3. thanks for the pattern - although i didn't understand it - the video worked great (i just started crocheting a couple days ago and this was my first project). keep up the great work :)

  4. Thanks so much you have help me so much,I love you.

  5. please check out my page and tell me what you think about my work,I anoly start crocheting about a month now but I love it so much

  6. hotredsly,
    Thank you, I appreciate the comments.

  7. a neat smaller version is if you do only 5 DC in each of the previous loops made by the 3 chains but in between do slip st instead of SC after each group of DC

  8. Thanks for all your videos and back up of written explanations. I am a new grandmother and am loving every minute of making beautiful hats, etc. for my grandbaby. I have learned alot and will continue to seek out videos for crocheting and knitting.


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