Seed Stitch Crochet

Seed Stitch

Multiple: 2 + 1Row

1: SC(Single Crochet), DC(Double Crochet) in each CH(chain), CH 1, turnRow

2: SC, DC in top of Double Crochet across.
Seed Stitch Video Tutorial:


  1. Dear Teresa
    Can you tell me which stitch is used in this pattern

    I thought this is seed stitch but its looking a bit different

  2. Shouldn't there be for Row 1 a sc, dc in same st, sk 1 ch, repeat?

    1. Anna - I found that I liked working individual stitches in each chain because of the holes that occur working 2 stitches in each chain. If want to skip and you like how that looks better, work it the way that works best for you.

  3. I have been crocheting for 60 years and have always done the seed stitch thus:
    chain an odd number of stitches, sc in the second chain from hook, *dc in the next chain, sc in the next chain*, repeat from *to* across chain ending with a hdc in the last chain, ch1 to turn. Sc in the first stitch, *dc in the next stitch sc in the next stitch*, repeat from *to* across row ending with a hdc in the last stitch (in other words work a dc in each sc and a sc in each dc). Repeat last row for pattern. Working a hdc in the last stitch gives your work a firmer edge. Also when you are turning your work turn the right edge away from and to the left, regardless of what stitch you are working with, this makes a neater edge.
    Hopefully this has helped some of you with this stitch.


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