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How to make a Crochet Beret Slouch Popcorn Hat

Reggae Rasta Beret Slouch Popcorn Cap

SP = Space
INC = Increase
HDC = Half-Double Crochet
EA = Each
PC = Popcorn
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
DEC = Decrease
HDC INC = Half-Double Crochet Increase
HDC DEC = Half-Double Crochet Decrease
SL ST = Slip Stitch
HDC INC = (HDC CH 1, HDC CH 1, in same space)

Pattern By Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:
Reggae Rasta Beret Slouch Popcorn Cap - Part One
Reggae Rasta Beret Slouch Popcorn Cap - Part Two

This is one of those patterns that is very forgiving if you wind up with
an extra stitch or two. That might happen when working in a continual
round. I have included approximate stitch numbers for the beginning
rounds. It is not always important to get caught up and stuck on numbers
if they don't come out exact. On round 20, you might want to try your cap
on to make sure you have not decreased to much. That is the round that
may make your cap to tight.

Size I Crochet Hook

4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn

Round 1: CH 3, HDC CH 1, 5 more times, Do Not Join. The rest…

Cable X Cross Over

Cable X Cross Over

FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet
DC = Double CrochetST = Stitch

FPDC and BPDC are worked in the row below unless otherwise stated.

CH 27
Row 1: 23 DC across in each chain (24 Double Crochet)

Row 2: CH 3, DC in next 7, FPDC in next ST, DC in next, FPDC in next 4, DC in next st, FPDC in next st, 8 DC each of next St's. (front post stitches worked on the front)

Row 3: CH 3, DC in next 7, BPDC, DC in next st, BPDC in each of the next 4 st's, DC, BPDC, DC in each of the next 8 St's. (backpost stitches worked on the back) Row 4: CH 3, DC in next 7, FPDC in next stitch, DC in next, work the FPDC Criss Cross X Stitch (The front posts on this row will be worked two rows below on the posts of row 2. The first FPDC will cross down to the 3rd post of row 2. The second post will cross down to the 4th post of row 2. The third post will cross back to the 1st post of row 2. The fourth post will cross back to the 2nd
post of row 2.) FPDC in next …

Small Filet Heart

This is a small filet crochet heart. The multiple is 3+5 (3 x 9 = 27 +5= 32 chains)

Filet Crochet Practice Heart and Filet Tips

This is a simple heart for filet crochet, that I created for the purposes of explaining filet and for practice. I like to think of filet crochet as painting with crochet thread. By painting, I mean just filling in the squares to create your shape. You don't have to limit yourself to neutral thread colors since there are so many colors of crochet thread/yarn out on the market. You can make detailed pictures by crocheting(painting) with thread or yarn. Thread is used for this pattern which is why the size is smaller. You can practice with yarn. It will just be larger and a good way to practice if you are not comfortable with thread.

The multiple is 3 + 5. This just simply means that 3 chains are required to complete a square. I have 30 squares on my chart. I take 30 x 3 = 90 + 5 = 95. It will take 95 chains to start. Remember, I need 5 additional chains at the beginning to represent my beginning double crochet, chain 2. After that you follow the chart.

It is important to mark your ro…

New Monitor

YIPEE, My new monitor arrived yesterday from DHL around 5:00 PM. That was fast since it was just Sunday that it was ordered. Now I have access to my main computer again.

Update - Storms

Due to the storms that passed through last night, I believe I may have lost my computer or maybe just the monitor. We were without power for 11 hours and it just came back on around 9:00 AM this morning.(Sunday, March 16, 2008) I was aware that the monitor was going bad. I will have access from my husbands laptop to answer questions and help when needed. Right now I am unsure about more crochet videos in the next couple of weeks. All of my work and software is on my main computer.Hopefully it will just be the monitor and I can get it back up and running soon. In the meantime I will work on creating more patterns for future videos, once I get past my computer issues.

How to make Crochet Beret Hat

Crochet Beret

Skill Level: Intermediate

Video Tutorial: Crochet Beret Cap - Part One
Crochet Beret Cap - Part Two

CH = Chain
SP = Space
HDC = Half-Double Crochet
INC = Increase
EA = Each
ST = Stitch
St’s= Stitches
DEC = Decrease

9 HDC CH 1 - 4"
12 rows - 4"
Materials Size I Crochet Hook Worsted Weight 4-Ply Yarn
Written By Teresa Richardson

The parenthesis are not additional instructions. They are a guide for how many stitches you should have in each round.

CH 3, join.

RND 1: CH 3. HDC, CH 1, 5 more times, do no join. (6 HDC CH 1 total)

RND 2: HDC, CH 1, twice in ea sp – (6 increases) (12 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 3: HDC, CH 1 twice in ea sp – (12 increases) (24 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 4: 24 HDC, CH 1- ( 24 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 5: HDC INC every 2 ST’s – (11 increases) (35 HDC. CH 1 total)

RND 6: HDC in ea sp. – (35 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 7: HDC INC every 4 St’s. – (8 increases) (43 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 8: HDC, CH 1 in ea sp. – (43 HDC total)

RND 9: HDC INC every 5 St’s. – (7 increases) (50 HDC …

Leaf Crochet Variation 1

Abbreviations CH = Chain DC = Double Crochet SC = Single Crochet SL ST = Slip Stitch Crochet Leaf Variation 1 CH 12 Side 1: SC over next 4 Chains, 6 DC over next 6 Chains. 7 DC DC in last CH. Side 2: Working down the opposite side, 6 DC over next 6 Chains, 3 SC over next 3 Chains, 3 SC in last chain, join with SL ST.

Crochet Slanted Shell - Variation 1

I used an "I" crochet hook in the video tutorial. You can use any size hook you would like to use.
Multiple : 4 + 5
Row 1: 4 DC in 4th CH from HK. *SK 3 CH, SC in next CH. CH 2, 4 DC in SC. Repeat across from *. CH 5, turn.

Row 2-3: 4 DC in 4th CH from HK. *SC in-between CH2 and DC of next shell. CH 2, 4 DC in SC. Repeat from * across. Ch 5 Turn.
Video Tutorial: Crochet Slanted Shell Stitch - Variation 1

Crochet Shell Variation 3


HALF-SHELL = 2 DC or CH 2, 1 DC

Multiple: 3

Row 1: DC in 3rd CH from Hook for half shell, *SK 2 CH's, 3 DC in next CH, repeat from * across. In last chain do 2 DC for half shell. CH 3 Turn.
Row 2-4: DC in same stitch as CH 3, *SHELL(3 DC) in center of next shell, repeat from * across. Half Shell in last stitch. CH 3 Turn.
Crochet Video Tutorial: Shell Variation 3