Amigurumi Cube Crochet

SC = Single Crochet
ST = Stitch
DEC = Decrease
SC DEC = Single Crochet Decrease

Written by Teresa Richardson

CH 3 , join

Round 1: CH 1, 12 SC in loop. Do Not Join. This piece will be worked as one continual round. Mark first sc with contrasting color. (12 Single Crochet)

Round 2: 1 SC in each of the next 2 St's, 3 SC in the next st(corner).
(20 single crochet)

Round 3: 1 SC in ea of the next 4 ST'S, 3 SC increase in the next stitch.(28 Single Crochet)

Continue crocheting around until your piece is the length you want it to

Cube Shaping Decrease
This section is the shaping to the end of the cube/rectangle.

Round Decrease 3: SC DEC over three stitches(corner), SC in ea of the
next 4 st's. (20 Single Crochet)

Round Decrease 2: SC DEC over three stitches(corner), SC in ea of the
next 2 st's (12 Single Crochet)

Round Decrease 1: SC Decrease 4 times(corner). (4 Single Crochet

*Continue with the increases in the corners if you want to make your
piece larger.


  1. Hi Teresa!
    I am wondering if I may write patterns based on your cube pattern.
    I'll credit you of course!


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