Curly Cue Crochet

Chain a length of chain.

4 Double Crochet in each chain across.

Shape the curly cue in one direction. If you want it to
hold its shape you can run the yarn from top to bottom
and sew securly once you have the desired shape.

Curly Cue Video Tutorial:


  1. I love this curly cue. I'm so glad I found the pattern in your blog. I went to a children's fair where they were giving these as bookmarks. They put 2 eyes and it looked like a worm. So cute.


    Teresa, How do you do the "extreme" ruffle as shown in this picture? Thanks so much -- this has been bugging me for a while now.

  3. cynthia,
    I will work on a full ruffle tutorial.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I believe this is exactly what I needed.


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