Purpose of Chainless Foundation or Foundation Crochet Stitches

The Chainless Foundation is an alternative variation to creating a chain foundation. This technique is creating your stitch and foundation all in one step. It eliminaties the chain all together and the big holes that come along with the chain. This will make your foundation and the rest of the rows and stitches in your project have more of an even alignment throughout the project. Sometimes the chain is not stretchy enough. For example: I can remember many times making a nice afghan but the foundation where I started with the chain had big ugly holes. I would try to mask it with an edging but you could still see the chain holes. Multiple stitches in a chain will make the chain distorted. Sometimes I would have a chain that was to tight or to loose. I would get halfway through the project and have to rip out my afghan just to re-do the chain so my afghan would not be distorted. The chain was controling the afghan to much by pulling and distorting the overall shape. I have had the same thing had happened with sweather foundations. My sweater would turn out nice but the chain foundation would be distorted being to tight or full of chain holes. These are examples of where you would be able to replace the chain with the chainless foundation instead.

The foundation you use is up to you. There will be times you may have a need for the chain. Other times you may be able to use the chainless foundation. It is an alternative variation with a purpose that works very well.

Video Tutorials:
Chainless Single Crochet Foundation
Chainless Half Double Crochet Foundation
Chainless Double Crochet Foundation


  1. Hi,

    Teresa I've a little confusion. The foundation technique you are explaining in this Tutorial is same as described in this Tutorial

  2. skhan,
    It looks like it may be the same.

  3. Thanks Teresa for your reply!

  4. Teresa, how do you decide which chainless foundation to use; single, half or double? Does it depend on the next row when you start the pattern?



  5. Pat,
    I like to use the foundation stitch that is closest to the stitches in my pattern. You can always do a small swatch of the foundation stitches along with the first couple of rows to give you an idea what it will look like. That will also save you a lot of ripping.

  6. How do you link a chainless foundation sc into a circle or tube? I need to do this for a hat.

  7. Teresa, thank you for all of your videos and instructions. I love learning from you. I'm curious about a chainless foundation ripple. Is that possible? I found a video on YouTube from another crocheter, but the valley instructions are confusing. would you consider posting instructions for a chainless foundation ripple stitch?


  8. Teresa, I've watched many of your videos, and just now both of your chainless FDC -- they are always so helpful! But I need some advice I haven't seen in your videos on using any of the chainless foundations in a row, skipping stitches such as for an armhole, to keep the row even. I've always started my foundations by working into the base of the last regular ST in the row to get the foundation at the correct level, but this always results in a gloppy-looking V-st. Then there's the problem on the other side of the foundation, joining back to the existing row. If I just pick up the next stitch -- after skipping -- from the last completed foundation st, there's a gap (REALLY big) where the base of the foundation doesn't attach to the row, and the last FST ends up slanting sideways, as the inverse of the gloppy V-st at the beginning of the skip. I've tried to SL the first joined chain, right after beginning the final FST (i.e., going into the foundation loop and then SL the row ST pretty much a *foundation 2 tog*), before completing the final FST but this isn't very neat either since I have to ST into it for the next regular row ST too (same ugly V-st as starting the skip). Do the separation and join sides just look messy no matter what? Or can you advise or maybe a new video on doing chainless in the midst of a WIP like this? I think I've tried every imaginable combo to disconnect/reconnect but nothing is satisfactory and it's a struggle to keep the row flowing smoothly. Thanks for any tricks or hints!!!!


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