Crochet CandyCane

Crochet CandyCane

Video Tutorial: Crochet Candy Cane

Video Tutorial:  Left Hand Version 

Red Section
With red yarn Chain 50.

3 SC in each chain across. It will start to twist and be very uneven.

White Section
With white yarn Chain 50.

3 SC in each chain across. It will start to twist and be very uneven.

Straighten each individual section out so the twist is turning one way. Once that is accomplished, join the two sections together, twisting them together to form the candycane. Once they are evenly twisted, secure each end with yarn so they won't come apart. Sew in all the tails. Run a pipe cleaner through the center of the candycane. Twist the yarn section in the direction to tighten the yarn on the pipecleaner. This will grab the fibers of the pipecleaner tighten it up nice and neat. You can hotglue or dab craft glue to the pipecleaner and yarn so it will stay in place and not come apart. Shape project in to a candycane. I have found that fishing line or clear craft line will work very well for an invisible hanger.


  1. What a wonderfully informative blog! Thank you so much for providing the instructions for the candy canes and I will be back to learn more about crocheting. Wishing you a most Joyous Christmas!

  2. Draegonflies,
    You are welcome. May you and your family have a happy holidays.

  3. Wow teresa the candy cane looks so cute...:D

    I had a small help to ask from u dear. I started a crochet sweater about 3 weeks back.. i have finished all parts of it according to the pattern but dunno how to seam it together..:( the sleeves anbd the shoulders. It will be great if u can help me in that..:D

    Do u have any video showing how to seam a work? please share it with me if u do.. cudnt find it in ur blog or in youtube.

    here is the pattern

    Thanks in advance

  4. Just a note to let you know I'm using this pattern design w/red,white & blue to make a barber pole to wrap around a dowel for my crochet baby hat display entry for the Fiber Arts Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The dowel will have one end in a styrofoam ball for hat and the other end in a base. Thanks for this great design. Maybe at Christmas I will actually make some candy canes!! Rose

  5. Rosalie - That is a really great idea! I hope your display is a hit!

  6. Hello!
    love this pattern! it's so sweet!
    I linked it in my blog. If you don't want me to link it I'll delete it.
    thank you

  7. How can I print these patterns?


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