Filet Crochet - Space Limitations

I have been asked if it is possible to make filet crochet yarn charts 6" or 7". When you make a filet crochet chart smaller, you will have distortion of your original image. They can be done but you will have the basic of basic shapes with not much detail. For example, you can fit a heart, diamond, letter, number or circle in a small square. What will not fit is an image of a George Washington. With larger squares, you will be able to create images that may allow for more detail. You could create a square 10"x10" if you wanted to do a more detailed, motif type of afghan. You could also make your whole afghan out of one chart. Charts can be altered down in size but keep in mind the possibility of distortion. If you have an idea that was generated from a crochet chart, give it a try.


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