Yarn Markers- Recycle Your Tails - Crochet Tip 15

You have all heard me talk about using yarn markers when working in a continual round. This is so you have an idea where the first stitch is located, in creating a balanced cap or amigurumi project. It may be difficult to see the first single crochet when working in a standard round, so you may need to mark the stitch so you don't crochet right over it. You may need a yarn marker for reference in telling what stitches to crochet in and what stitches should be left alone. I have found yarn markers useful in shaping necklines and armholes of sweaters.

At any time we may need a yarn marker. Don't waste your money purchasing a yarn marker from the store. You make plenty of your own yarn markers every time you crochet
. Your tails are perfect yarn markers, both yarn and thread.

In this slipper example below, I have used a yarn marker at the top of the slipper so I would know what part of it was the top. That section was created prior to the heel. The marker to the left was used to mark stitches that were to remain open with no crochet stitches across that section. From that point on I was working in rows so the yarn marker was telling me where to crochet and where to stop.



  1. Hahaha I use my 'tails' for yarn markers when making round too (i.e amigurumi)

  2. I've many a 1/2 pair of earrings and use those for my stitch markers! They're pretty too and work well, especially when they're the shepherds hook that latch back into themselves to create a complete circle.


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