Antique Crochet and Tatted Lace

Not to long ago I shared a tip about recycling old crochet edgings. For all the multi-crafting people out there, you will find another idea for crochet and tatted edgings and doilys.

Betsy Miller has been generous to share her photo collection and great find of antique laces that she will be using in a crazy quilt one day. She has estimated that they may be from the 1930's time frame. Thank you Betsy for sharing your images.

My favorite is the two color ric-rac crochet edging. I have my own stash of antique lace doily's that I inherited from my Grandma when she passed on, only I forgot that I had the lace. I know, shame on me for forgetting but I keep them put away because I am afraid that they will get ruined. I like this idea of sharing old pieces. Betsy suggested creating a home for antique lace so I am going to use her suggestion.

Click on the images for a close up view
Betsy Miller


  1. Hi, I liked your lace designs very much. It will be great if you can share method/ patterns of all the above laces.


  2. hi...where can i find the methods of all the above laces...thnx zakira.... if possible can you mail me the link?



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