Hiding Crochet Yarn Tails - Crochet Tip 18

This is another way to secure yarn tails.
  1. Weave your tail through the threads as you typically hide your tail.
  2. Take your tapestry needle and separate the yarn fibers in to two separate groups of strands. This can be done with any ply yarn.
  3. Take one group of strands, thread the tapestry needle and weave it through another stitch.
  4. Now you will tie your strands together in a very secure knot. Knot it several times so the tails will not come out in the wash.
  5. This is more of a time consuming process but well worth it if you have concern for your tails coming out in the wash.


  1. 'Just learning to crochet and caught your videos on You Tube. I'm starting small with Broomstick and will move into traditional crochet and hopefully Tunisian crochet. I've always wanted to learn to crochet to enhance my knitting!

  2. That is a fantastic tip. Thank you.


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