My Oldie Pumpkin Projects

I happened to come across these little creatures today as I ventured through my attic. I made them about 16 years ago and used to put them out at Halloween when my kids were little. Things change quite a bit without kids around anymore. I was really surprised that they are still pretty bright in color. I don't think I have ever washed them so maybe that is why. I noticed that the glue on the eyelashes of the big pumpkin is showing. It must have gotten hot and melted. The triple digit summer's take a tole on things in the attic. Other than that they are all in pretty good shape. The pilgrim pumpkins were always my favorite. I thought I had given my pumpkins away so I am happy I found them.


  1. Hello friend, good dia.Venho make you a visita.Adorei your blog, you work very bonitos.bjtos.Nile.

  2. Those pumpkins are precious and ready te be displayed many more years!


  3. hi teresa
    how about teaching us how to make the pumpkin too?

    Recently i was surfing the net and saw some baby beanie hat tat looks like a bunny hat and a strawberry hat. Was wondering if u have ever done these hats? If yes, would really appreciate u could teach us too =)

  4. Heavenlymade,
    I do have a small pumpkin pattern posted.

  5. thanks teresa, got it. I just gone and buy some orange yarn.

    btw, is it possible if i show u the two beanie hats i saw, and u able to tell me how to do it? Abit troublesome for you. Basically its a baby hat with 2 small mouse ears and the other one is a hat which looks like the top of a strawberry.

    Sorry to trouble u. Feel bad. If too troublesome, nvm about it. Thanks again.


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