Twisted Thread or Yarn - Crochet Tip 19

Sometimes we can wind up with a thread or yarn that has a mind of its own. The more your crochet, the more twisted up it becomes. What I have found that works with unruly fibers is to straighten it when you first start your project. I will just run it between my fingers to get rid of any extra twist that may be lurking. When you are in the middle of your project you can let it unwind every now and then. After you crochet a while it will probably start twisting again. You will either need to let your work unwind or your ball of yarn unwind, maybe both. You can use a safety pin or paper clip to secure your work or your ball of yarn so they don't unravel while they are unwinding. When I lived in Germany I bought this really pretty deep burgundy thread. The more I would crochet the more knotted my thread would get. It got so bad at one point that I had to cut my thread to untangle the mess. Hopefully this will help save some frustration, should your fibers start to twist.


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