Works In Progress (WIP) for Sunday October 26, 2008

The contest is going very well with a lot of entries. This is my first contest so I am open to suggestions for the length of time that blog contests typically run. I am also open to a more creative idea on how to pick a winner for future contests. I already have an idea on what I want to give away next. I will give you a hint. It has to do with something "new".

I am currently working on two more snowflakes and another flower. I love making flowers. I have some video editing and pattern writing to finish up and I will get them posted. I am going to do a tutorial on how to stiffen the snowflakes once I get my current projects complete.

I have to tell what I thought was a cute story that happened yesterday at the beach. My husband and I decided to head out to Tybee Island because it was a beautiful day. There were a lot of surfers. One surfer in particular looked very peculiar. It turned out that he had on a Halloween mask. It was just the funniest thing to see a surfer in a Halloween mask. I got a big kick out of it and some good video that I will be posting later on Youtube.


  1. Eagerly awaiting your future flowers and snowflakes, which the snowflakes I wanna try!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  2. I am eagerly waiting for the flowers... (although I havent had luck with the previous ones... ) Flowers give me a challenge as I havent been able to complete a whole one yet. I tend to mess up half wy thru, get upset and frustrated and dont try it again for a looooooong time. I have a book by Melody Griffiths there is a lot of flowers things in it and paisley shapes surrounded by a rectangle that I would love to make but I get lost in the repeat from here 10 times parts. Your videos help me a lot because I see the whole process and Im more of a visual learner. Anyway Ill go back to crocheting a litle square project m working on TTYL8R TERESA!

  3. I love working on flowers. They are my favorite also. As far as contests -- I've seen on other blogs where they print comments, cut them up and draw from a hat. Others have a number generator to pick the winner. Probably 3 days is a good length of time - but whatever works for you.
    Also - could you post your process for designing patterns? I'm interested in that process.


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