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Quick and Easy How to Crochet Christmas Holiday Ideas

I have put together some links and ideas to projects that can be used as ornaments, gift tags or gifts for the holidays, that will add a handmade personal touch. Each set of instructions has a video tutorial to accompany the instructions for a visual example on how to complete the project. Happy Holidays, Teresa
Crochet Angel

Mini Christmas Stocking - 1
This little stocking will work as a cute gift tag on top of a gift, filled with chocolates and candy canes. You can tie the TO: FROM: tag to the stocking so it can be removed and used as a little ornament.

Crochet CandyCane

Crochet Christmas Wreath

Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2
This little stocking will work as a cute gift tag on top of a gift, filled with chocolates and candy canes. You can tie the TO: FROM: tag to the stocking so it can be removed and used as a little ornament.

Miniature Holiday Christmas Tree

Crochet Christmas Holiday Stocking
This is a full size Christmas Stocking.

Crochet Snowflake 1

Crochet Snowflake 2


How to use Use the Blanket Stitch to Attach Edgings - Crochet Tip 32

Click on the image for a close up view

Video Tutorial: Embroidery Blanket Stitch
Pull the yarn through to the top of your fabric. Hold on to the yarn with your left hand.Insert the needle to the right 1/4" to 1/2" over(horizontal) from the previous vertical line and 1/2" to 3/4" down(vertical) from the edge. Make sure the needle goes over the top of the yarn you are holding with your left hand.Pull the yarn through. You will have sort of a horseshoe shape or upside down U shape.Keep repeating steps 1-3 for each stitch.It is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is hand sew a blanket stitch around your cloth piece. You will have thread loops at the edge of your cloth, that you will use to attach your crochet. The video tutorial shows how to make the blanket stitch. It is done the same way on cloth. You will be using a smaller thread and needle but the process is the same. I am planning a future tutorial on adding an actual edging to cloth.

Story about…

How to make Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens 4-ply yarn

Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens
Written by Teresa RichardsonCrochet Abbreviations FPSC = Front Post Single Crochet BPSC = Back Post Single Crochet SC = Single Crochet Size G Crochet Hook 4-ply worsted weight yarn The are approximately 2" across and 3" long. These mittens are done with 4-ply yarn. I will have a variation done with 2-ply yarn and a video tutorial showing how to make the mittens. You can make them larger with a larger hook and by adding more stitches at the beginning and adding more stitches round 2. This is two ways to start the pattern. Start 1: Magic Circle Start 2: CH 3, join Round 1: CH 1, 7 SC in loop, do not join. The rest will be worked in a continual round. Attach a scrap piece of yarn for a yarn marker. This is to keep count for the remaining rounds. Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around. (14 Single Crochet total) Round 3-8: 1 SC in each stitch around (14 Single Crochet total) This next round is a ribbing variation to gather the mitten opening…

How to Make Acrylic Yarn Soft - Crochet Tip 31

I have found that fabric softener will soften up acrylic 4-ply worsted yarn, so it does not feel so stiff . While Red Heart and a few others are a little stiffer to work with than other brands like Caron, which is nice and soft from the skein. Both are great yarns and each have their purpose. Make sure you check your yarn label for washing instructions. There are some yarns that recommend hand washing.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you all be safe with your travel and activities throughout the holiday. Enjoy your turkey!

For those of you reading this in another country, Thursday November 27, is an official holiday here in America. Thanksgiving in the United States is a celebration of the end of the harvest. We eat lots of food and celebrate by visiting family, friends or spending the day relaxing, watching parades on TV and football games. Please feel free to share about the holidays you have in your countries.

Stripe Crochet Baby Beanie Hat

Stripe Crochet Beanie
MC = Magic Loop
SC = Single Crochet
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch

Size H crochet hook - Approximately 15" around
4-ply worsted weight yarn - Green & White Stripe Hat

Size I crochet Hook - Approximately 18" around
4-ply worsted weight yarn - Tan Hat

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Crochet Stripe Baby Beanie

MC - Magic Circle
You can also Chain 4 and join if you are not familiar with the magic circle

Round 1: CH 1, 10 SC in your magic circle or chain. Join, cut yarn and secure tail. (10 SC Total)

Round 2: SL ST new yarn and stagger from previous starting point. CH 1, 2 SC in each ST around. Join, cut yarn and secure tail. (20 SC Total)

Round 3:SL ST new yarn and stagger from previous starting point. Ch 1, *1 SC in ea of the next 2 St's, 2 SC in the next St, repeat from *, you will be increase every 3 stitches for a total of 27 stitches. Join, cut yarn and secure tail. (27 SC total) There are 7 increases evenly worked around.

Round 4:S…

Defining Ply of Yarn with Crocheting

Yarn ply is a spinning technique which takes a single strand of yarn to create various size and colors of yarn. In the picture example, I have taken the individual strands of yarn apart so you can see what ply mean.
4-ply is 4 strands of yarn. Crochet hooks sizes I recommend for 4-ply are G,H, I, J, K. 4-ply is used with warm hats, mittens and heavy sweaters.3-ply is 3 strands of yarn. Crochet hook sizes I recommend for 3-ply are D, E, F. 3-ply is what I use for baby booties, sweaters, hats and afghans. 3-ply is also a nice weight for adult size sweaters or a lighter weight afghan.2-ply is 2 strands of yarn. Crochet hook sizes I recommend for 2-ply are B, C, D. The 2-ply is a very light or sportweight type of yarn. 2-ply is the type of yarn used in most commercial type of knit sweaters. 2-ply would be a good weight for crochet or knit socks. It would not be to light or to heavy. These hook and yarn recommendations are just what I have found to work the best. If you can get a…

Chain Foundation - Crochet Tip 30

I have had this happen where you start out with your chain foundation with an afghan or scarf and it is narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. What you can do it start off with a very loose chain. If that does not work enough, you can use a larger crochet hook. What we are trying to accomplish is both ends being the same or very close in size. Sometimes the chain will be crocheted tighter than the rest of the project which makes the starting end narrow and the finishing end wider.

I have also found that the foundation crochet stitches also known as chainless crochet, are a great way to make sure both ends are the same. With the foundation stitches, you are creating the chain and stitch at the same time. I will use this method instead of the chain.

Chainless Single Crochet Foundation

Chainless Half Double Crochet Foundation

Chainless Double Crochet Foundation

Monday Catching Up and Mittens

I am doing a little catching up today. My husband and I took a weekend trip to his hometown, Fort Pierce Florida over the weekend. I got some interesting video of various activities on the ocean. Well, I find them interesting. I have a second channel on Youtube now that I am going to use to upload sight seeing and travel video so I will try to keep the crochet and site seeing separate. My sight seeing, travel channel is

I am working on answering questions although I am behind but I should be caught up soon. Please feel free to still post questions. I will get to them but may be a little slower the next couple of days.

Currently I am in the process of uploading a stripe baby beanie cap video along with posting instructions here on the blog. While I was in Florida I worked through a thumbless baby mitten pattern. It is with 4-ply yarn. I am thinking that I might like it with 3 ply better but 4-ply will be warmer. I have a good idea in my head for two …

Congratulations to Lora in Frankfort - Contest Drawing #2

Congratulations to Lora in Frankfort. Your name has been drawn as the winner for all the baby items and doilys for contest #2.. The specific comment drawn was the one from November 10, 2008, 4:15PM. Congratulations again and thank you everyone for participating. I will be giving away more things.

V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

V-Stitch Scarf

Skill Level: Beginner, Easy

Video Tutorial:V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

SK - Skip
CH - Chain
DC - Double Crochet

V-Stitch - Double Crochet, Chain 1, Double Crochet

Written by Teresa Richardson

Chain 17

Row 1: DC in the 4th CH from the hook, CH 1, DC in the same CH, SK a CH. *V-Stitch-DC, CH 1, DC, in the next CH. Complete 5 times total from *. DC in the last CH.

Row 2: CH 3, turn. *V-Stitch-DC, CH 1, CH in the center of the next V-Stitch. Complete 6 times total from *. DC in the last stitch, which will be the chain 3 of the previous row.

Row 3:CH 3, turn. *V-Stitch-DC, CH 1, CH in the center of the next V-Stitch. Complete 6 times total from *. DC in the last stitch, which will be the chain 3 of the previous row.

Seed Stitch Crochet Scarf

This symbol chart shows how each stitch is created in the top of the previous double crochet to create the seed stitch. Seed Stitch Scarf Video Tutorial: Written by Teresa Richardson The seed stitch consists of a single crochet and a double crochet. Chain 21 - This will give you 10 seed stitches. Row 1: *SC in the next chain, DC in the next chain, complete 10 times total from *. Row 2: CH 1, turn, *SC,DC in the top of the DC, skip the next SC, complete 10 times total from *. (10 Seed Stitches - SC,DC Combo) Row 3-70: CH 1, turn, *SC,DC in the top of the DC, skip the next SC, complete 10 times total from *. (10 Seed Stitches - SC,DC Combo)

Idea's for Crochet Scrap Yarn

Loopy Granny Square
Crochet Star

Crochet Flower
Made from Circles

Crochet Lotus Bloom

There are many ways to use up scrap yarn. I am going to share a few ways with you. I invite everyone to share your ideas in the comment section.

Maybe you have made an afghan and you end up with 2-3 extra skeins of yarn. That would be enough yarn to make a hat, slippers, scarf, potholder or granny squares. I usually wind up with a ball of yarn the size or an orange or smaller. Those sizes are ideal for making flowers or multi-color granny squares. I do have a crochet Flower Blog dedicated specifically to flowers and leaves and a Granny Square, Motif and Applique blog specifically for crochet granny squares, motifs and applique. The patterns on both blogs are ideal for scrap yarn.

Pattern Stitches - Identify the Ending Stitch - Crochet Tip 29

There are some beautiful, tighter crochet pattern stitches. Some are easier than others to lose track of your count, add more stitches or miss a stitch. I have a recent example that just happened to me a couple of days ago. I am making a seed stitch scarf tutorial. It only has 10 seeds stitches. I noticed that my scarf was getting wider at the top. I thought that I accidentally started using a larger hook. What happened was that I added an extra stitch at the edge. * Counting stitches is very important as a way to prevent extra stitches. It can happen to everyone and will happen. :) I had to rip about 10 rows to get back to where I added the extra stitch. The pattern stitches that are more common to extra stitches being added are the Single Crochet,Seed Stitch, Star Stitch, Trinity Stitch, Cluster Stitch and Snowflake to name a few. They may be made with a single crochet, half double crochet or a type of cluster. Since the stitch is tighter together, it is common to put two s…

Crochet Question & Answer Session - November 2008

I am going to create this post for crochet questions that you may have. I know I have learned a lot in the past, and still do, from people asking questions. You can still post questions on any other blog that you would like to. Questions don't have to be related to the project. I will do my best to answer and anyone else that has an answer is more than welcome to post a comment. Comments are open to everyone now. You do not need to have a blogger account and you can post anonymously.

For those of you familiar with html, you are welcome to post a link to your sites, pictures, wip, reference material etc. This is how you post links in the comment section on blogger. The web address goes between the quotations where it says "link_of_site". You put the name of the site where it says NAME OF SITE.

Shell Crochet Beanie Hat

Shell Crochet HatSkill Level: Intermediate This hat matches the shell crochet scarf. Written by Teresa Richardson Hook-Size G Crochet Hook Yarn-4-ply worsted weight Abbreviations SH = Shell DC = Double Crochet CH = Chain MC = Magic Circle I am providing two starts for the cap. You can pick which one you want to use. Start 1: Magic Circle for starting loop. Start 2: Chain 7, join Round 1: CH 1, *SC in starting loop. SH of 5 DC in loop, complete 4 times from *, join in beginning SC. (4 Shells) This next round is preparing for the shell increases. It takes two rounds to complete an increase for shells. Round 2: SL ST to 3rd DC, CH 1, *SC in same ST, (this will be an increase shell)SH- 3DC, CH 1, 3 DC. SC in 3rd DC, complete 4 times from *, join in beg SC. (This is the first part of the shell increase, you will have 4 shells with 3DC,CH 1, 3 DC in each shell. There will be 4 more shells added to each chain 1 space in the next round.) Round 3: SL ST to 2rd DC, CH 1,*SC in 2nd…

How to Crochet a Multi Color Crochet Pansy

The small purple flower is created from 2 rounds. The reddish flower is created with HDC all around. The big blue flower is demonstrated in the video with the written instructions below.Multi Color Crochet PansyWritten by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Abbreviations: SC = Single Crochet DC = Double Crochet TC = Triple Crochet HDC = Half Double Crochet BEG = Beginning EA = Each CH = Chain ST = Stitch LP = Loop SL ST = Slip Stitch Center Spike: To do the spike, you insert your hook through the center hole in the flower and pull your thread through. You will need to pull up some extra thread to make the stitch even with your row. The spike is done on the center of the petal on round 2 and the single crochet on round 3. You can put your spikes anywhere with any stitch. Chain 7, join. Round 1: *CH 2 , 4 DC through center of chain. CH 2, SC through loop. Repeat from * 5 times total. Join with beginning SC. (5 petals with 4 double crochet in each petal) Round 2: Join new color in…

Shaping with Plastic Canvas - Crochet Tip 28

Have you ever wanted a little extra shape with the brim of your hat or around the base of your cap. Use plastic canvas to create your own unique brim. This can be used for any crochet piece that may need some extra reinforcement. You will be able to custom shape the plastic canvas to fit your head. You can also make your own crochet buttons using plastic canvas.There are numerous ways to incorporate plastic canvas into crochet.

How to Crochet a Shell Winter Scarf

Shell Crochet Winter Scarf

Skill Level: Easy, Beginner

This scarf matches the crochet shell hat

Video Tutorial: Crochet Shell Scarf

Written by Teresa Richardson

SH = Shell
CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
SC = Single Crochet

Size I crochet hook
4-Ply Medium Worsted Weight Yarn - 2 -6 ounce Skeins

It may take 3-4 hours to complete this scarf depending on your experience with crochet. If it takes you longer, that is completely alright. There is no need to rush.

The Scarf is approximately 7.5" wide

Multiple 6+2

Chain 20 - This will give you 3 shells.
Chain 26 - this will give you 4 shells

Row 1: SC in the next CH from the hook, *skip 2 chains and do 5 DC in the next CH, skip 2 chains and do a single crochet in the next CH. Repeat from * for a total of 4 times. (you will have 4 full shells)

Row 2: CH 3 turn, do 2 more DC in the same SC. This will count as half of a shell. *SC in the third DC of the shell, 5 DC in the next SC. Repeat from * 3 times total. SC in the third DC of…

Veteran's Day - Thank You to Our American Troops

November 3, 2008 - My son returning from Iraq

I am compelled to write a heartfelt thank you to our American service men and women and to those that have given their lives to serve and protect our country. I deeply appreciate your hard work and sacrifices. It hits close to home for me in many ways, several times a year. My own son returned home from a second tour in Iraq on November 3, 2008. I am proud of you son and very thankful you came home safe.

My kids grew up as military brats. Almost 18 years ago their dad served in Operation Desert Storm. We were stationed in Germany at the time and I was expecting my youngest son. The 3/2 ACR deployed to Saudi Arabia shortly after Thanksgiving. The air war lasted several weeks but the ground war was just a few days. They had just called the cease fire so I thought everything was fine and they would all be home soon. Shortly after the cease fire, I received a phone call from the casualty officer in Grafenwoehr. He informed me that my h…

My Crochet Pumpkin

I entered my crochet pumpkin in the Instructables Halloween Contest. If you would like to visit and vote, I sure would appreciate it. Maybe you will see something else you would like to vote for. I thought it would be fun to give it a shot and see if I can win something. They also have other crafts on the site.

Crochet Snowflake 4

Crochet Snowflake 4

Skill Level: Intermediate
Written by Teresa Richardson
Video Tutorial:Crochet Snowflake 4

SC = Single Crochet DC = Double Crochet CH = Chain SL ST = Slip Stitch MC = Magic Circle

Start with the magic circle or you can chain 3 and join.
Round 1: CH 4, * DC, CH 1, Repeat from * 11 time total. Join in beginning CH 3. (12 DC, CH 1)
Round 2: CH 6, *SC in CH 1 space, CH 3, DC in DC, CH 3, Repeat from * 11 times total, SC in the last CH 1 SP, CH 3, Join in BEG CH 3.
6 Points: Attach thread to any double crochet , CH 1, SC in top of DC, CH 10, SC in SC, CH 8, SC in SC, CH 6, SC in SC, Ch 4, SC in SC, Ch 4, SL ST in same SC, CH 4 SL ST in same SC. Sl ST back down the point, opposite the CH 6. Do a CH 6, SL ST. Sl ST back down the point, opposite the CH 8. Do a CH 8, SL ST. Sl ST back down the point, opposite the CH 10. Do a CH 10, SL ST. Cut thread and sew in tail. Do a total of 6 points skipping every other double crochet.

Joining a Round - Hook Placement - Crochet Tip 27

If you look closely at a chain, there are three loop strands that make up the chain. There are 2 loops at the top and 1 loop at the bottom. There are also 2 loops at the top of each stitch. Place your hook below the 2 strands of the joining stitch or chain, then pull your yarn through to join. Your round will have a neater join by using this method. It will reduce the visibility of seams when making hats and caps.

Flat Top Beanie Cap

This is going to be a beanie with a flatter top. This cap is the same as the Stripe Beanie Cap only the instructions for this cap are written for the spiral. I also have instructions written for this Beanie Cap with Stripes.

Skill Level: Easy Beginner
Flat Top Beanie Cap
MC = Magic Loop
SC = Single Crochet
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
4 inches = 12 Stitches
4 inches = 15 rows
Size I crochet hook
4-ply worsted weight yarn

Written by Teresa Richardson

MC - Magic Circle
You can also Chain 4 and join if you are not familiar with the magic circle

Round 1: CH 1, 10 SC in your magic circle or chain. Do not join. (10 SC Total)

You will single crochet in the top of the beginning stitch with one continual round until the end of the cap is finished. You will want to mark your first stitch so you know approximately where a new round is beginning. There will be a shift to the left with your first stitch each round and a shift to the right with your yarn marker. If you change your marker each r…

Stripe Crochet Beanie Cap

This is going to be a beanie showing stripes and it has a flatter top. You can also do this beanie with the spiral if you are making one color. Just remember to use a yarn marker during the increase round so you know where to do the increases. I have written separate instructions for the Spiral Flat Top Beanie.

Skill Level: Easy Beginner

Stripe Crochet Beanie
MC = Magic Loop
SC = Single Crochet
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch

Size I crochet hook
4-ply worsted weight yarn

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Stripe Crochet Beanie Cap
Video Tutorial: Left Hand Stripe Crochet Beanie Cap

MC - Magic Circle
You can also Chain 4 and join if you are not familiar with the magic circle

Round 1: CH 1, 10 SC in your magic circle or chain. Join by adding the new color through your first SC and last SC. (10 SC Total)

Round 2: CH 1, 2 SC in each ST around. Join by adding the new color through your first SC and last SC. (20 SC Total)

Round 3: Ch 1, *1 SC in ea of the next 2 St's, 2 SC in…

Improvise and Adjust - Crochet Tip 26

The square on the left is to full with to many stitches and/or chains. As this square gets larger, the corners will point out more and the edges will ruffle more.
The square on the right does not have enough stitches and/or chains. As this square gets larger, it will curl to the center more and possibly start to form sides.

You have heard me say this before, that each person has a unique crochet tension. That alone will alter the outcome of a pattern. Sometimes you can never get it right, without make some adjustments that will fit your crochet style. I will be using the granny square as an example but the technique will apply to any round that may have the same type of problem. There are many variations of the granny square and the granny pattern. Sometimes, the granny square may not lay flat in the corner and it is curling up or towards the center of the square. That is an indication that the square needs more chains or stitches in the corner. It is alright to alter the pattern and ad…

Contest Drawing #2 - This is in Recognition of my 200th Blog Post - Closed

This will be contest #2, recognizing my 200th blogpost. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. The contest will start this evening and run through Friday November 21, 2008. I am going to do another drawing out of a hat. The giveaway includes the dropstitch baby afghan, 4 baby caps, 8 pair of baby/toddler booties and 3 doilies.

I have opened the comments so anyone, including non-members can leave a comment.In the comment section you can leave a name, nickname, something unique to identify you and a way of contacting you.
I will also accept e-mail submissions. Please include Contest #2 in the subject.

Tight Starting Chain Loop - Crochet Tip 25

There is a little secret to the tight starting chains when creating a round for lots of stitches. You might see a chain 4, and join. Then the instructions will tell you to fit 30 double crochet in that little hole. You start off as the instructions tell you, then wind up with 15 stitches and you are already around to the beginning of the circle and wondering how to fit the other 15 stitches through the little loop. This is what works for me when I am faced with this problem. When the stitches start getting to close, you grasp the chain in one hand and the stitches in the other hand and give them a big tug back so they pull away from the first stitch. You are pulling the stitches to the right and forcing them away from the beginning so you have more room to add the rest of your stitches.

Checkerboard Crochet Square

Checkerboard Square

Video Tutorial:

Written by Teresa Richardson

21 Foundation Half Double Crochet
7 Strips Color A
7 Strips Color B

You can use the chain instead of the foundation crochet stitch.
Sew the squares together at each end. I found that pinning the ends together helps make the sewing easier.

Edging: 21 single crochet on each side, 3 single crochet in each corner. Join when all sides are complete.

Congratulations President Elect Barack Obama

Congratulations to President elect Barack Obama and to America. This is an exciting time for our country. I was so excited the past two days I had a hard time sleeping.I was playing about with crocheting the Obama emblem today and came up with a couple ofcrochet Obama emblems.

Crochet Yarn and Yardage Calculator

This is a link to a yarn calculator.

Yarn Calculator

How to Stiffen Crochet Thread Ornaments

This is what I use for stiffening thread or yarn. This is not the same as blocking. That will be another tutorial. There are products called fabric stiffeners out there on the market. Glue with water works just the same. I have even used sugar and water to stiffen snowflakes.

Video Tutorial : How to Stiffen Crochet Thread Ornaments

Stiffening Solution
1 part glue
1 part water
Mix well

Saturate your piece in the solution. Squeeze out the excess. Shape your project on an old towel. It will take 24-48 hours to dry. The smaller snowflakes will dry faster. The yarn snowflakes will take about 48 hours to dry.

Once they pieces are dry, you can add glitter. I like to wait until the snowflakes are dry to add glue. I have found that the excess glue with the stiffening process will cover the glitter so it may not be as shiny and glittery.

Crochet Ribbon Flower

Crochet Ribbon Flower Skill Level: Easy Written by Teresa RichardsonVideo Tutorial: Crochet Ribbon FlowerAbbreviations FHDC = Foundation Half Double Crochet SC = Single Crochet DC = Double Crochet CH = Chain Size H Crochet Hook 4-ply Worsted Weight Yarn Foundation: Color A *15 FHDC, CH 4, complete 5 time from * Edging: Color B, *3 SC in ea of the next 3 Sts, 9 DC in ea of the next 9 Sts, 3 SC in ea of the next 3 Sts, SL ST in CH's to next SC. Complete 5 times total from * for side 1. SL ST around end of section to the SC on the opposite side. *3 SC in ea of the next 3 Sts, 9 DC in ea of the next 9 Sts, 3 SC in ea of the next 3 Sts, SL ST in CH's to next SC. Complete 5 times total from * for side 2. Now fold each segment to the center, sewing each chain section together at the center. Continue until all petals are folded and sewn together. Center: CH 4 Join, CH 1, 12 DC, Join. SL ST in every other stitch. Join. This will make the center poofy. Sew to center of the …

Flat Braid Crochet Method for Joining Squares

This technique is not specific to any square. This is another technique for joining squares of the same pattern and size. It can also be used for joining random squares from different patterns. You will be using an even amount of chain 3's around your square and on each size. The picture image has 3 chain 3 loops on each side for a total of 12 for each square. I will be describing joining the square on the left, to the square on the right. On section A of the diagram, you chain 2, drop the loop from your hook. The red arrow represents putting the hook over the chain 3 loop on the right. With the square on the right, insert your hook over the top, around the chain and pick up the chain 2 from the square on the left. Chain 1 to complete the connection. Do a single crochet in the joining square. Continue with joining your chains.

Section B on the diagram represents joining the corners so there is not a hole. You chain 2 on your joining square, drop the loop from your hook, in…

Crochet Tips - Sister Blog

Crochet Tips

I have added a new blog specifically for crochet tips. It is a reference blog along with the convenience of finding all the crochet tips. I realized not to long ago that tips 1-5 were not listed here. I am going to include them here and over on the new blog. You will be able to find links to any of my crochet blogs under the "View My Complete Profile"at any time.

Crochet Tip 1: Yarn Bobbins

Crochet Tip 2: For Extra Chains on Foundation

Crochet Tip 3: How to Extend Plastic or Fabric Projects

Crochet Tip 4: How to add Beads

Crochet Tip 5: Adding Hair or Fur to Crochet

Contest Winner - Congratulations to Vidya V

Congratulations to Vidya V.You are the winner of my first contest, the 3 Hats - Pineapple Doily Crochet Giveaway - October 20-31 2008. My husband drew the name out of the hat this morning.Thank you everyone who entered. I have much more to give away.