Cold Weather Crochet Projects

I hope everyone is staying warm that has been hit by the cold weather. It was 28° when I woke up this morning, which is very cold for this part of the country. The high has been about 45° for the day. Normal temperatures are about 55°-60° this time of the year.

This has been a busy week with 7 new video's uploaded to Youtube. That is why it may seem a little quite here on the crochet blog. I started and ended the week with details on chart crochet for the Barack Obama Tapestry and Blue Star Service Flag Tapestry.

Throughout the week I posted 5 new square tutorials.
They are great for making random granny squares for exchanges or a random square afghans. The traditional granny square is sort of an encore, now that I am no longer limited by time. The instructions are all in one video, so no more parts. The Basketweave tutorial will double for a crochet scarf or afghan. I will be posting written instructions for the basketweave tutorial.

Puff Stitch Crochet Square - 5 Rounds
Crochet Granny Square - 5 Rounds
Crochet Basketweave Rows - Squares or Scarf
Crochet V- Stitch Square

Lefty Puff Stitch Square - 5 Rounds


  1. Thank You very much for your dedication ...I love this blog and everything you do for all of us as crocheters....I had,have and still learning from most of your tutorial videos..I 'll always keep coming to your blog and your you tube channel...I love it ...Thank You , Thank You , Thank You and God Bless You !!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your fantastic tutorials on youtube. Just this week I suddenly wanted to crochet, and your videos are the reason I can do it! I've just finished my 12th square and am about to make it into a bag. Then I want to make all the gorgeous squares you've made.

    THANK YOU!!!! I'll be checking in to this blog all the time now. xxxxx

  3. Luna,
    Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments.

  4. indigo.calm,
    You are welcome. :) You are busy making a lot of squares. Please share your project once you are finished.

  5. i definitely have winter projects going on! i'm stocking up on baby blankets to give away as gifts. was -10 here yesterday!
    that's too cold!

  6. Thanks, Teresa

    I won't be doing any sewing for at least 2 weeks. Then as soon as I've made the squares into something I'll post a picture.
    Yesterday I managed to make a loopy flower (3 & 6 petals) and a few rounds of the puff stitch. I'm hoping to try out the popcorn stitch next and make a small solid heart.
    Your help is just perfect. You explain things so well.


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