Crochet Blue Star Service Flag Tapestry

Click on the chart for a larger view.

Creator Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Crochet Blue Star Service Flag Tapestry

This is the same technique that I used to create the Barack Obama crochet piece. The Blue Star Service Flag was a fun project for me to make. It worked up very quick, with no mistakes. I have made two flags so far. The idea came from my dad as I was talking to him on the phone one Sunday, a few weeks ago. Many of you know that I am a former military spouse. My children are now serving our country with the United States Military. Crochet is something that provided comfort for me, throughout the years of many deployments.

The video tutorial is showing how to create a crochet project from a chart. I am including a smiley face for those of you that would like to practice on a different project than the flag. I included a beige background with the smiley. It will be very easy for you to substitute another color in place of the beige.

H Crochet Hook
Document Protector
Marking Pencil/Pen
4-ply Worsted Weight Yarn

Gauge 4" x 4" = 16 Rows, 12 Stitches

NOTE: It is not recommended to crochet your piece, without securing your tails with some sort of knot. The stitches will come apart if you just sew them in without knotting in some way.

Sewing in the Tails: The video shows two ways to secure your yarn tails in the form of an individual knot or tying the two strands together. Your work should never come apart. You can cut your yarn tails to a length that is comfortable for you to work with.

Knotting on the Backside: You may choose a backside of your work. If that is the case, you will tie your tails together so they do not come apart.


  1. Teresa,

    Do you always start with the graph laying sideways and start in the lower lefthand corner? I love the smiley face and am going to try it. Thanks!!!

  2. Harold2,
    You don't have to start with the chart sideways. With the software that I use, I found that working the rows on the vertical looked better. I did the President Obama on the horizontal so it was not as tall as what it would have been if I had done it on the vertical. I hope that makes sense and it not confusing. You may be able to get away with working it from either side with the smiley face.

  3. Thank you and yes that made sense. Am working on the smiley face right, for I LOVE smiley faces, and will send you a pic of the finished product.

  4. hey me too ! i loved the smiley face ! am full with 2 different works now so will try that next ! but Teresa, i wanted to ask you 2 things here....(1) I noticed you have been cutting yarn whenever you change it not ok to use yarn bobbins in this case ? or is it a personal convenience to choose between yarn bobbin and cutting yarn ? in these kind of patterns, what would be the plus and/or minuses of using yarn bobbin ? (2) in the very beginning that i started following your site, i am not sure if you remember that i wanted to have a teddy bear pattern colored one from your site, and you had filled in for me using your software.just to be specific, this was the file name:BearCHTB. if you remember or have that file, would it be ok to use the same technique u have used here ? this is one thing i have been trying to start, but each time start something else! now that you have posted a full video on using crochet chart, its going to make my work easier ! lemme know of the above....luv ur work so much !

  5. Vidya,
    There are many ways to achieve the same goal with crochet. You may be able to use each method for different projects. I suggest that you try out the different technique and see what one you like best. You can use yarn bobbins and cutting tails in one project if you want to.

  6. I was wondering what software did you use? where could i get it say if i wanted to do a different picture other than what you have up.

  7. Do you have printed instructions on how to make a crochet chart?


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