Event Crochet Lace

You may have an event coming up soon like a graduation, wedding or dance recital. Crochet is a great way to add an inexpensive unique, elegant touch to any event. Think about what you may have in your own pattern library. It does not have to be fancy, difficult or expensive. I am really fond of the cliche', less is more. This is taking something really simple and turning it in to an elegant piece. Lets look at some basic shapes; circle, rectangle and square. Each of the following pieces can be made with a simple double crochet, chain or a combination of both.
  1. The rectangle can be made in to an elegant hair bow or napkin ring.
  2. Two squares can be made in to an outer cover for a ring bearer pillow.
  3. A small circle motif can be tied with a nice little bow and filled with gift items for wedding party.
  4. A crochet square can be made into a handkerchief and embellished with some flowers
  5. Store bought napkins and place mats can be decorated with a crochet edging
  6. Circle motifs can be shaped in to elegant flowers.
There are a few ideas to turn a simple crochet shape in to something elegant. The ball of thread cost about $3.00 in addition to my time. You can probably get 20 hair bows or 20 napkin rings from each ball of thread.


  1. Hello Teresa,

    I'm a beginner and I was wondering if you could use any hook for any of the flowers posted?

  2. Amanda - Most flower can be made with different size crochet hooks.


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