Examples of Ways to Use Fun Fur or Eyelash Yarn

Here are a few examples of how I have used fun fur or eyelash yarn. I have also made scarves out if it. It is a very difficult yarn to use alone so I will use it with another strand of yarn/thread that is similar in color or as an accent to a contrasting color. Some other uses I can think of are fur or hair for your crochet animals. Please share how you have used this type of yarn in the comment section.Video Tutorial: How to Crochet with Novelty Eyelash Yarn

This is a crochet scarf made using the Tunisian Crochet Stitch.  


  1. I used it to make Christmas tree ornaments. It's VERY difficult to crochet with, but manageable to knit with. I made several ball ornaments that ended up looking like Cookie Monster heads. They were in my kids' hands more than they were on the tree, but that was the point... unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments :).

  2. tudo muito lindo e prática as suas aulas no you tube,
    abraço forte.

  3. Katia Macedo,
    Agradeço o comentário, obrigado.

  4. I tried to make my granddaughters hair scrunches with some eyelash yarn I got on sale. never had such a mess in my life. Could not keep that stuff straight. I think I'll try it with the other strand of plain yarn. Have several skeins of it just setting there. LOL


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