Making Sense of Written Instructions - Crochet Tip 37

Have you ever looked at a written pattern that you really liked with intentions of making the project? You read through the pattern or start to read the first few rounds/rows? By the time you were done, you were so overwhelmed by the instructions, you talked yourself out of making the project? I know this from my own experiences reading instructions as a new crocheter.

Crochet instructions are no different that starting a new job. Sure, there may be a lot you need to learn and do, but you are not required to do it all at once.

This is a little secret that has helped me over the years. The whole pattern can be broken down in to segments.
  • Segment 1 - Foundation: Work your foundation.
  • Segment 2 - First round/row: What stitch or stitches are necessary to accomplish the first round/row? If it is a new stitch for you, it may be necessary to practice the stitch prior to starting the project.
  • Segment 3 - Are there different sets of stitches being done? Each round/row may have sets of stitches and repeats can be worked at as an individual segment.
  • Segment 4- Moving on to the consecutive round/row and breaking it down in to segments.
There is no need to feel overwhelmed when reading a set of instructions. Since we can only do one stitch at a time, it is not necessary to understand the instructions as a whole at the beginning of the project. Once you complete the project, it will all make sense.


  1. Hello! Thanks for your blog. I found it by searching that led me to your you tube videos that led me to your blog that is now bookmarked for future reference.
    I appreciate your teaching style.

  2. I ve made lot of progress step by step with your videos. Thank you once again for everything!

    I wish you a happy, healthy and creative new year !!!

  3. thanks :) i found a pattern that i really like and i'm worried i might not get it done or understand it, i guess this helped, thanks agian Teresa for all the help :)

  4. I,m learning english and crochet at the same time with your blog. Thanks, spanihs girl

  5. izaskun,
    You are welcome. I appreciate your comment. :)


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