Removing Extra Rows on a Finished Piece - Crochet Tip 38

I have found in the past, that after I finished a project, to include sewing in and hiding the tail, I did not like the length of the piece. So I removed rows and stitches. There are two ways it can be done.
  1. Carefully cut the strand of yarn, right through the stitches, on the row that you want to take off. I have found that starting in the center of the row works best for this technique. You will want to make sure to leave a length of tail for sewing in your ending stitch,by not starting your cut to close to the edge.
  2. If you want to save the yarn, you can cut at the ending stitch, ending row and unravel it from there.


  1. Oh I have done the same thing Teresa!! Far to many times, after I have finished an afghan, I have looked at it and it just didn't look right. Then, after removing a row or two, looked much better. I kept the scraps to and the ball I ahve now you ought to see. Mondo huge. Going to start an afghan from someday. LOL

  2. Hello, I want to know how to do a puff or a seat in crochet?
    Thanks, lovely your videos.

  3. hi teresa, i think this crochet tip perfectly applies to my current work i had mentioned to u !! maybe i should have cut out those extra rows instead of adjusting them....i didnt know it could be done this way ! thanks.


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