Abstract Crochet Cats

Abstract Crochet Cats

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Abstract Crochet Cats

Baby Afghan - I chained 100 for the baby afghan and used a size K hook and 4 ply yarn.

Multiple: 5

4 ply yarn
Size K crochet hook - You can use other size hooks for this project

SK - Skip
Ch - Chain
DC - Double Crochet
EA - Each
SP - Space

Drop Stitch - The drop stitch will be worked below the two previous row of shell stitches. Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook 2 rows below, between the shell stitches, pull the yarn up. Repeat one more time for a total of 5 loops on the hook.

Row 1: DC in the 4th CH from the hook, DC in the next CH, Skip 4 chains, in the next CH(5th chain) work *2DC, CH1, 2DC, SK 4 CH's, Repeat from * across for the width, 1 DC in ea of the last 2 chains.

Row 2: CH 2, DC in the next DC, work *2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. Repeat from * across for the width, 1 DC in ea of the last 2 DC.

Row 3: CH 2, DC in the next DC, Work a dropstitch (see description), *2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. Work a dropstitch (see description). Repeat from * across for the width. Work the drop stitch between the last shell and 2 double crochet.

Row 4-5: CH 2, DC in the next DC, work *2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. Repeat from * across for the width, 1 DC in ea of the last 2 DC. 

You will change color each time you complete row 3-5.

Continue with rows 3-5 for the length of the project that you are making.


  1. Thats so gorgeous,
    thank you for such great inspiration, I am still crochet mad after learning christmas day (just gone) from one of your you tube videos, I am so grateful,
    Thank you

  2. This is such a cute design, especially for cat lover's.

    Thanks! I'm learning a lot.

    Bohemian Things

  3. That's a nice pattern I'm working on a bingo bag and will try this in the bag

    Love your videos and blog !
    cina/ trollmamma

  4. Hi. Thank you for all your amazing tutorials! I've taught myself to crochet using your videos :) I have one question, I've absolutely fallen in love with this blanket and I really want to give it a try. However, I'm pretty new at this and I'm wondering if you can have a look at it with your trained eye and give me some tips on how to make the circle squares that way and how to join them. I would be forever grateful!

    Here is the link to the blanket:


    Thank you so much!

  5. Theresa
    These cats are darling my kitchen is done with cat designs. I think I can use this pattern for some place mats and some hot pads and maybe dishcloths. Thank you so much for posting it.
    Karol Beaufore

  6. I made a black and white afghan of this "Cats on a Fence" pattern probably 20 years ago and still use it. In fact, that afghan kept me warm in my bed all this past winter. I really love it in the colors you have used - it would make a lovely baby afghan!

  7. Another lovely pattern! Thank you so much.
    I'm learning so much. My ultimate aim is to read charts.
    Everything you do is much appreciated.


  8. Those are so cute! I wonder how many people see the 'cats' right away?

  9. Thank you for this pattern. I just located it. I just purchased some new yarn, and I didn't know what to do with it. Now I know.

  10. Teresa; How much yarn was used for the blanket?

  11. dancinggirl75,
    I used 3 skeins of super saver size yarn. I probably had enough to make a second blanket.

  12. That is so cute! I love your creativity.

  13. SOOO nice and easy to do i just beganing with blanket and its amazing

  14. Thank you so very much for this really pretty pattern. I am going to make a blanket for charity with it. Your demonstration video on YouTube was perfectly clear. Blessings to you.

  15. I first found this on youtube and had to look up the pattern. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! My sister will be thrilled with a scarf made with it.

  16. Thank You. My name is Carmie Nation and I have been watching YouTube to learn how to crochet. Your pattern for abstract cats was my first project. And I must say, it turned out great. Thank you very much and I look forward to future projects.

  17. hello,
    I want this pattern good for making baby blanket,as I find this pattern easy.
    Can you tell the dimensions for a blanket.

  18. How often and after which rows do you change colors?

  19. I loved this pattern. Made it for my grand-daughter and she won't let go of it. It is her "kitty blanky" now. Enjoyed the tutorials on youtube. Easy to follow.

  20. This was a very easy pattern to make after watching the tutorial. My granddaughter loves her Kitty blanky and takes it everywhere now. Thanks

  21. Love,love,love your videos! Thank you!

  22. I love this pattern and am making a baby blankie for a friend. What edging would you use?

  23. What edging would you use if making this for a baby?

  24. Joanna, I recommend a single crochet or reverse single crochet.

  25. I was looking all over the internet for different crochet designs and encountered your beautiful cats-design. I am a novice in crochet, gaining my experience from the videos I find on the net. With your design I made a 'recycled' candleholder with the colors from my favourite Brazilian soccer team Flamengo. I thank you very much for using your designs and I will definitely come back to your beautiful site.

    I also have a website where I have posted my creations.

  26. This is such a creative stitch pattern! Kudos!
    I'm looking forward to use it in my future projects.

  27. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE this. Too bad I can't make a hat out of the design. My granddaughter would LOVE it! Thanks for ALL your WONDERFUL designs!

  28. I just love this.. going to go stash hunting for the colors now :)

  29. I tried this and it turned out very nice. Thanks.

  30. This is a great pattern! Very easy. As my friend Sue will say "So stinking cute!" I may downsize my hook to a J to "tighten" up the cat design but this goes very fast. Am going to make one as my next baby aghan. Thank you for posting; you have amazing tutorials and they are well done.

  31. I am inspiring very much. nice pattern and easy. thank you much easy to learn for beginners like me

  32. is it correct that the chain of 35 in the tutorial makes a small afghan? what if i wanted to make this into a scarf? thanks!

    1. You would do any multiple of 5 until it's the width or length you want (depending on which way you want the cats to go) then just keep making rows 3-5 until it's the size you want.

  33. love this patter..was a bit confused starting and know how many rows of each color..but otherwise worked up beautifully

  34. I commented before about the drop stitch (written) instructions being incomplete (ie not mentioning the last yarnover and pull through the five loops.) Well, I have started on an afghan tonight using this pattern and want to add that the numbers don't work out if you chain a multiple of five. You need to chain a multiple of five plus two. Also row I says to work two dcs at the beginning but I only worked one as otherwise the turning chain makes it look like there are three stitches at the beginning of the row and it doesn't match up with the other rows. (Having trouble posting this comment, hope it appears.)

  35. This is such a cute design, especially for cat lover's. ... icaterpillar.blogspot.de

  36. Where can I find a nice border pattern for this blanket?

  37. Can you please tell me how wide this pattern is and how many chains do I need to make it wider

    1. You can make it bigger by adding multiples of 5 to the beginning chain.

  38. I would love to do this as a rectangle baby afghan done in rounds. Any ideas how to get it started?


  39. This is just wonderful! I can't wait to make it and I'm sure our kitties will love it too! :-) Thank you!

  40. If I chain 200, how much yarn of each color do
    I need?

    1. I'm wondering the same thing. I need to make it as a throw blanket.

    2. I GUESSED 2 skeins of each of 3 colors from reading about the pattern. Someone else may have a more definite answer.

    3. I am basing skiens by "I Love This Yarn"at Hobby Lobby. They are 7 oz. each.

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  43. Hi. Thank you for all your amazing tutorials! Blessings.

  44. I love this stitch! I am making my boyfriend's son this blanket. He loves cats like I do. It will also be a stash busting project. Thank you Teresa!

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