Mini Crochet Cupcake

Mini Crochet Cupcake

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:  Mini Crochet Cupcake

Video Tutorial:   Crochet CupCake with Cherry & Sprinkles

Skill Level - Intermediate

HDC - Half Double Crochet
FHDC - Foundation Half Double Crochet
SC - Single Crochet
EA - Each

Loop Behind the Stitch: Behind each stitch, there is a horizontal loop on the back side.  This is the loop that you will be working in.
Easing - Two segments are being attached together.  One piece will be intentionally larger than the other to create a design element of the project. Easing is gathering a portion of the project to match and fit the piece it is being attached to.  In the case of the cupcake, the side is slightly larger than the bottom.
Popcorn Stitch - For this pattern there will be 5 Double Crochet made in the same stitch, joining with the first stitch.
Front Post Single Crochet - Instead of working the stitch in the top, it will be worked around the post of the stitch.

Size F/3.75 mm crochet hook
3 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle
Fiber Fill or Stuffing

Use the Magic Circle or small chain to start.

Cupcake Bottom -Round 1:  Work 6 SC through the loop.  Join with the beginning stitch.  Pull the magic circle to draw the stitches together.

Cupcake Bottom -Round 2:  Work 2 SC in ea SC around.  Join with the beginning stitch. (12 SC total)

Cupcake Bottom -Round 3: Work 1 SC in ea SC around. Join with the beginning stitch. (12 SC total)

~ Knot and secure the beginning magic circle. Sew in the tail.

Cupcake Side-Row 1: Chain 7, work 1 SC in ea SC across for a total of 6 single crochet.  You can use the foundation single crochet if you prefer.

Cupcake Side-Row 2-18: Ch 1, work 1 SC in the loop behind the stitch for a total of 6 single crochet.

~ When the side is complete, sew the two ends together, still using the loop behind the stitch to secure to the first row.  Sew in the tail. 

~ Sew the bottom of the cupcake to the side.  There will be a small amount of easing since the is slightly larger than the bottom.

Work a  magic circle or a small chain
Frosting Round 1: Chain 1, work 12 HDC through the loop. Join with the beginning stitch. (12Half Double Crochet Total)

Frosting Round 2: Chain 1, work *2 HDC in the next stitch, work a popcorn in the next stitch. Complete 6 times total from *. ( There will be a total of 6 popcorn, 12 half double crochet)

Frosting Round 3: Chain 1, *work 1 HDC in each each of the next 2 stitches, work 2 HDC in the popcorn stitch. Continue around from *. Join with the beginning stitch. 

Frosting Round 3: Chain 1, *work a front post single crochet. Chain 3, continue around from *, join with the beginning stitch.

Stuff the cupcake and sew the top to the sides.


  1. I want to thank you for all your instruction and for sharing the patterns. The videos help a lot.

  2. Theresa,
    I've been crocheting since last Christmas. My husband is in the Air Force and we've been going through Pilot Training... It's been a long year but we're almost done. I just want you to know that everything single thing I know about crochet, I've learned from you. You are a wonderful teacher and this skill has helped me pass time constructively :0) and it's also an excellent creative outlet for me. Thank you for this wonderful blog and all of the videos!

  3. theresa,
    i too have learned everything i know about crochet from you and i wanted to say thanks. you are amazing and very talented. i have started up my own blog to showcase and hopefully sell some of my pieces. i would love it if you would take a look at it and tell me what you think. i also have some questions for you. please email me
    thank you

  4. You're making me hungry for cupcakes.

    Do you have a video showing how to crochet the honeycomb stitch?


  5. grammi,
    I have the basketweave stitch if that is what you are asking about. There are many variations to the basketweave.

  6. Katy,
    I hope you are able to sell the afghan you have made on your blog. You have been very busy.

  7. Thank you Everyone. I appreciate the comments.

  8. This beautiful cookies and well explained Try and do I have learned and I loved it thank you for teaching
    Good weekend

  9. Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this site. Continue the good work!


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