What is the Right Side of a Crochet Piece?

From time to time you may come across crochet instructions telling you to have the "right side of the work facing you." Right side means, the side facing out after your project is finished.
  1. If you like the look of the back of the stitches, that can be your right side.
  2. When you work the afghan stitch, you will have two distinct looks. Either side of the work can be used as your right side.
  3. The front side for a hat made in rounds, will be the side facing you as your are making the hat. Maybe you like the look of the inside better so that can be your right side.
  4. If you are familiar with doily's, the part facing you as you are making the doily will be your right side.
  5. Think about a store bough T-shirt. The wrong side is the inside with all of the seams holding the shirt together. The right side is the external part that looks nice and neat.
When working in rows you will always alternate sides so both sides could be considered the right side or the front side. When working in rounds, some people like to turn so the stitches are alternating in both directions. If you do not turn with rounds, you may have a distinct front side that will look a little different than the back. Right side is open for interpretation. Front side does not always mean right side.


  1. Hi, I've been crocheting since July so I still have trouble figuring out some things, and the "right side" was one of them.

    So thank you for posting this, it was very helpful for me :)

    By the way, I really like you blog and videos!


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