Researching Crochet Abbreviations and Definitions - Crochet Tip #61

What are some crochet terms and definitions that you need help understanding?

You will find pattern authors that have their own terms and abbreviations. You may be new to crochet and not understand any of the language. We are global crocheters, so some terms will be different around the world, depending on the country you are in. When you stumble across something that you do not understand, I always recommend you ask the pattern author first, since they are the best resource. Sometimes it is difficult to reach the author, so you must do alternative research. That will be posting on different message forums exposing your question to a variety of people. There is usually someone who will be able to answer the question.

I am including a link to a chart, with many of the common crochet terms.

Crochet Abbreviations


  1. Teresa,

    I am enjoying crocheting more and more as I learn new stitches and patterns. Growing up, the only time I crocheted was with my mom at Christmas time. We always crocheted kitchen handtowels (the tops) for my teachers. My mom had to reteach me each year it seemed.

    But now, as an adult, I wanted to make some fun hats for my sons. So far, I've created about ten hats. Your videos and written instructions are very helpful and encouraging. Thank you!

    Could you tell me where to get the gel pencil grips like you use? I have checked four different stores and found as many different varieties of grips but none like yours. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and would like to avoid carpal tunnel again if at all possible. I think your "grip" idea would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    Jennifer Henderson

  2. Jennifer,
    The gel grips come from Wal-mart in the office supply section of the store.

  3. Hi there :D I was wondering if you have some place on your blog where I can type in specifically what I am looking for and have it pop up a list? I only see at the very top of your blog a search spot that seems to be to search google (rather than JUST your blog)... my other question is do you have an email to write to for specific pattern instruction help? I bought a pattern online from but the pattern-writer is no longer online to help people with her instructions so I am looking for an alternate source of help :S :S Thank you for your time :)

  4. Mae Belle,
    If you look to the very top left of the blog, you will see a blog search.

    You are welcome to ask questions here or on my facebook page.


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