Finding a Multiple - Increasing a Crochet Round

This is going to explain how you come up with a multiple, your own combination of stitches, when you are making a round. In each round, there is a set number of stitches.  I am using 30 with this example. 

When you increase a round, you take the amount of stitches and divide the amount to find increase points.You will want to increase evenly around.  Since you have 30 stitches, you will take 30 divide it by 5, this give you 6. When you are finished, you will have completed 35 stitches, 5 times on that round.

If you find that you want more increases, you divide 30 by 6, this will give you 5.  What this means is the last number you get, you work the increase in that stitch.   You work 1 stitch in each of the next 4, work an increase in the 5th.  You will do that 6 times. On completion, the round will have 36 stitches.  

If you need more increase stitches than 5 or 6, you can take 30, divide it by 2, this will give you 15.  This means that you work one stitch, work an increase in the next stitch.  This is what I call increasing in every other stitch.  You will take 30+15, you get 45 stitches on this round.  You have increased 15 times.

If you need a different combination, you take 30 divide it by 3, this will give you 10.  You work 1 stitch in each of the next 2, increase in the next stitch. When you complete this round, you get 40 stitches, increasing 10 times. 

There are times that I have thrown in an additional increase at the end of the round, which is going to throw off the multiple. That's alright because the idea is to evenly increase and find the best size. 


  1. thats what it comes down too counting no wat aeound it lol thank you makes sence to me now, and i to get it flat but trial and error lol.

  2. excellent!very clear, now I get it! :)

  3. thanks for the guidelines. i'm a newbie in crochet and i love to tweek some patterns using some of the stitches i learned from your videos. what i'm really concerned is my tension coz the second doily i'm practicing still the edge tends to ruffles. hope you can help me with. thanks....

  4. Thanks for breaking it down.
    Also Thanks for making your videos.
    I woke up one morning with the itch to teach myself to crochet and I found your videos and now I am having such a blast. right now I have 2 projects goin on a list of things I want to do next. Me and my 3 boys are enjoying your lovely hats that you have taught me how to make.
    Thanks so much again and can't wait for you next video :)


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