Seeking Volunteers for Captioning Crochet Videos

I am looking for volunteers to help with subtitling crochet video's in English only. I will be happy to write up a document if you need credit for a course or volunteer work. I am including a link to Universal Subtitles, which is a free subtitle program. I have used the program and it is very easy. It will help keep track of the videos that have captions and the ones that do not. There is a big need for captioning.  The captioned text will provide the ability for the videos to be translated to different languages.  When you subtitle a video, please let me know.

This is the link to the playlists I have created with the video content.

  • If the video does not have a CC, then captioning has not been created.  
  • You copy and paste the link to the video in the UniversalSubtitle Program.  
  • Please include the name of the video and link when you write. I will need the information to find it.
  • Write to me when the video is complete

I am also providing my email if you would like to let me know when a video is complete, I can go and get the captions.

Thank you, Teresa


  1. I might have a little bit of time to help with this. How do we find the videos that you want captions for?

  2. CrochetBlogger - The videos are on my channel on YouTube. I will put a link to my playlists. You look at the video to see if it has the CC, if it does not, then captions are not available.

  3. I'd love to help! One quick question--Subtitling/CC is basically the words being shown at the bottom of the screen that tell you what to do for each row or round, correct?

  4. Yes, that is the text on the screen.

  5. I've seen the ones with captions and the translation to other languages is not accurate. It actually makes no sense.

  6. Anhelo - Those are videos that have been captioned by the automatic voice translation by Google, which is not accurate.

  7. I've done this one:

  8. Thank you Daisy! Very much appreciated! I have put the captions in the video.

  9. Hi Teresa. Are you still needing help with this project?

  10. MsCrochetDreamz - Yes, this is an on going project. I have around 700 tutorials that still need captioned. I can recommend videos or you can pick the ones you want to do. The ones that have been done will have a CC on the video.


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