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Crochet Geek Featured in YouTube Report

My Crochet channel on YouTube - Crochet Geek, has been featured in a YouTube report.  Thank you to each an every one of you who visit my channel to learn crochet.  I learn from each of you, with the comments you leave me and the heartwarming stories you share.  I am humbled by the challenges that many of you have shared with me in learning to crochet.  Your stories help me become a better crochet teacher.  I continue to learn from you to this day, through reading your wonderful comments! I did not realize that The Art of Crochet was fading away until I started my crochet channel in 2006.  Now we are in the process of bringing Crochet back to life.  YouTube is powerful!  I am excited to see where we go next!

Crochet Love and Stitches,

YouTube Report PDF

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Google+ Invites

If you would like an invite to Google+, leave your email address in the comments or send me a private message on YouTube.  Your email address never be public since comments are on moderation. I will delete the comment/message with your email immediately after I get it sent.  If you already have Google+, search for Teresa Richardson Crochet Geek.  I am adding all crocheters to my crochet circle.

I understand that some of you will not be interested, which is understandable.  I don't know when Google+ will go live.  Google+ and my YouTube channel are going to function together once it goes live. The features with Google+ are much better than anything I have now.  

Crochet Playlist of Hats

What have you done out of Frustration with Crochet instructions, that make no sense?

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with a crochet project that you threw your work or did something unusual out of frustration?  When I was younger, I threw my yarn, hook and project across the room.  Then I beat the skein of yarn against floor and ended up with a yarn blob, knot mess.  I had to wind the mess in to a ball after that because the yarn was all in knots. After that,  I felt better and a few days later figured out the pattern.

This post is inspired by a comment on my YouTube channel, where someone told me they broke their crochet hook out of frustration.

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Crochet Hook Grip Modification - Flexi Wrap

This will provide another way to modify your crochet hook using pencil grips and flexi wrap. The flexi wrap can be found in the first aid section of any pharmacy. A variety of pencil grips can be found in the office supply section of many stores.

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Crochet Flower - Made from Plain Old Circles

Crochet Flower

You will need to create 5 small circles (2 rounds)I am including the third round for this circle, even though the example is made with only two rounds.You can make this project with thread.
Written by Teresa Richardson

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Size H Crochet Hook
4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn

Chain 3, Join

Round 1: CH 1, 12 DC in the loop, join in the first double crochet.

Round 2: CH 1, 2 DC in ea DC around. ( 24 Double Crochet Total)

Round 3: CH 1, *2 DC in next ST, 1 DC in next ST. Repeat around from * ( 36Double Crochet Total)

You have a choice of two edgings to choose from. You can also use an edging of your own if you would like to.

Edging 1: Reverse Single Crochet

Edging 2: SL ST between stitch, *CH 3 SL ST in same sp, SL ST in next SP, Repeat around from *, join.

You will want to cut a length of yarn to attach the circles together.

The first frame shows the circle, in preparation to…

Crochet Geek Officially on Itunes

I am set up on Itunes with a few videos.  I am going to get the basic stitch tutorials uploaded and take requests for tutorials you would like to see on Itunes.

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Crochet Multiples

This video tutorial will show you examples of multiples.

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