Cashmere Yarn

Have any of you ever worked with cashmere yarn?  How did you like the results and what did you make? 

The big question, was it expensive?  I know when I think about cashmere, price is something I would keep in mind.  Where would a person find cashmere yarn?

I have never worked with cashmere yarn.   Am I missing a good yarn?  Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Alpaca yarn is just as nice as cashmere. Can buy it online or at some Alpaca farms or large fabric stores.
    Have made beanie caps, afghan and baby sweater set with it for my granddaughter.

  2. I have never used cashmere yarn, but I've heard it's very expensive! I've also heard it's worth every cent for the luxurious quality. What would you be making with it?

  3. Yes, you missed something! :) Cashmere is so soft! How i know, it's always mixed with another material. What i used, is this yarn:, isn't cheep, but i think also not too expensive. i live in switzerland, here i sell it for 5,9 CHF. so when i remember good, and you live in USA, thats not awailable for you :))) but you when you search in ravelry, you sure can you find something :)

  4. Teresa, my ex-boss' wife passed away 2 years ago, and he gave me all of the yarn she had. She balled every skein, and when I checked the bags and bags of yarn given to me, I noticed some yarn I had never seen before. I took it to the knit with yarn shop in my area, and was told it was cashmere. I have no idea what to crochet with it, but I'll think of something.

  5. I've used it before and I think it's worth it for a nice gift(*very nice**) or something for your self. I don't think you can profit from something made from it because it's very pricey. I made a shawl and it cost me $70.00 I've seen it in yarn shops but not in big stores.

  6. Lion Brand makes a cashmere yarn. You can order straight from them. They also make a superwash merino cashmere that is a blend with some nylon that is machine washable.

  7. I bought mine on-line overseas


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