Crochet Daffodil

Crochet Daffodil

This set of instructions will teach you how to make a crochet daffodil.

Written by Teresa Richardson

+Teresa Richardson  +Crochet Geek 

Video Tutorial:  Crochet Daffodil

Video Tutorial: Crochet Daffodil Left Hand Version

Skill Level - Easy

DC - Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

How to Make
Single Crochet Decrease: Put the hook through the first stitch, wrap the yarn over pull through. There will be 2 loops on the hook. Leave both loops on the hook.  Put the hook through the next stitch, wrap the yarn over pull through.  There are 3 loops on the hook. Wrap the yarn over and pull through all three loops.

Size I/5.5 mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle

We will be making 6 petals and 1 center.  Since this crochet, you can work in extra petals and use an odd petal count to customize and put your own unique spin on the flower.  

Attach a slip knot to the crochet hook.  There are many different techniques. Find which one works best for your.  

Petals - Make 6
Work a chain two.
Row 1:  Work 2 SC through the chain, turn
Row 2:  Work 2 SC in each stitch. (4 SC total)
Row 3: Work 1 SC, 2 SC in next, 2 SC in next, 1 SC, turn (6 SC total)
Row 4-5: Work 1 SC in each stitch across, (6 SC total)
Row 6: 1SC, 2SC, 1 SC in each of next 2, 2SC, 1SC  (8 SC total)
Row 7: 1SC in each stitch across (8 SC total)
Row 8: 1SC, 2SC, 1 SC in each of next 4, 2SC, 1SC  (10 SC total)
Row 9-11: 1SC in each stitch across (10 SC total)
Row 12: Work 5 Double crochet decreases (5 SC total)
See above for details on working a decrease

Row 13-15: Work 1 single crochet in each stitch across (5 SC total)

Wrap the yarn over pull through, cut the yarn, pull through and tug to secure.  You may want to cut a few extra inches to use for sewing.

Chain 3 join.
Round 1: Work 6 SC,
Round 2: Work 2 SC in each stitch (12 single crochet total)
Round 3-5: Work 1 SC in each stitch around.
Round 6: Work a *chain 1, 1 HDC, 1 DC, CH 2 all in the same stitch, 12 times total from * (12 petals)  
Wrap the yarn over the hook, pull the yarn through, cut, pull the tail on through, give it a tug to secure.

Take 3 petals, align them at the base where we ended with the 5 single crochet.  Sew them together at the tips.  Sew the second set of petals the same way.  Set them on top of each other and turn so the petals are off set from each other.  Sew them together so they stay in place.  Take the center, place it in the center and sew it in place.

Knot, secure and sew in the tails.


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