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Crochet Dream Catcher by Crochet Geek

Dream catchers originated with Ojibwe people and then later became symbolic with Native American Indians.  The legend is mothers and grandmothers using cord and strands from plants to create decorative wooden hoops with a spiderweb center. They hung over the bed of children and babies to filter out the bad dreams and nightmares.    You can attach beads, charms and stones for added decorative elements.

I worked single crochet around the hoop.  The hoop was custom made from picture frame wire.  Traditional dream catchers were using wooden hoop so you can use that instead if you have them available.  The second round is working a round of the shell.  The round starts with a single crochet.  You can choose how many stitches you want to skip.  I skipped a combination of 2 or 3 stitches.  Then I worked a shell of five double crochet.

Crochet Dream Catcher

Crochet Dream Catcher Left Hand