Double Thick Crochet Potholders from Crochet Geek

Today's recommended crochet videos are going to be 5 double thick crochet potholders made with crochet cotton yarn.  I have been guilty of making these potholders out of acrylic yarn in the past.  However acrylic yarn will burn and melt with  heat and hot items.  Ask me how I know.  I only recommend using 100% cotton. There is a wider range of colors with cotton yarn if you shop online.   Your local yarn store may also have some specialty yarn that will not be found in the chain stores.  Many of the local yarn stores will have a website where you can purchase yarn through mail order.

The first double thick pot holder is made with the ring at the top and two increase points similar to the ripple crochet or Chevron crochet technique. 

This next magic crochet double thick potholder is created with the single crochet. It is flexible technique where you can make different sizes. You start off crocheting what looks like a flat pouch. Upon completion, you fold the two open edges together and sew them together to create the square

Next is the a double thick crochet heart potholder. I took this technique a little further and crocheted two circles to create this heart. The circles are folded in half to make the double thickness. The sandwiched circles are sewn together and sewn to the sides of the square potholder. Then I added a little edging around the circular parts of the heart.

The shell double thick crochet potholder is based on the similar diagonal folding technique with sewing the two open edges together in the opposite direction to make the square. The only difference is we are working with the shell.

The final potholder uses the seed stitch.  A combination of the single crochet and double crochet folded in half upon completion, sewing the edges together diagonallyI added two crochet flowers to the points, for a little added decorative effect. This double thick crochet potholder is also an example of how you can use the same technique to make
larger are smaller sizes. 


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