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Me and my Puppy Spud in Florida

This is a recent trip to Fort Pierce Florida.  We took our new little puppy Spud.  He travels pretty well now.  However our first experience taking him across town was not so pretty and he ended up car sick.    We found using a cage keeps him feeling secure and happy.    There are motels who do permit pets.  We stayed at the La Quinta in Fort Pierce for the two trips we took.   The experience was good both times.  Now when we got home, my husband realized he forgot his pants, shirt and belt in the closet.  We called and asked them how we get his clothing back.  They recommended we go to the post office, get a box with a prepaid shipping label and mail it to them in a mailer.  When I talked to the post office, they told me the box would need to be weighed with shipping being based on weight so the motel would need to pay the costs.   He ended up asking his cousin to pick up his clothes.  Times sure have changed.  Back when my daughter was a baby, we forgot some clothes in a drawer and…