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Creative Moving Day Tips for Artists

Creative Moving Day Tips for Artists

The words “creative,” and “artist,” typically go hand-in- hand. Artists are known for their
incredible ability to splash the world with color, express life in a unique way, and turn the
mundane into a one-of- a-kind experience. They take what they are given and transform it to a
dynamic, boundless story, woven with silver lining.

Meanwhile, the word “moving,” is usually considered anything but creative. The monotony of
separating the old from the new, the useless from the necessary, and the sentimental from the
frivolous is unmatched by any other task. Moving day is best known for its uninspiring ability to
steal an entire weekend, while making you wish you had a vacation from your days off.
Now, I know what you are thinking. That description alone is enough to make you want to
rethink the entire move. Sure, moving can be difficult, but you can save money by shopping
around, and have the added advantage of facing the challenge with one of your gr…

How to make Crochet Blanket Flower Blossom Stitch Tutorial #CrochetGeek

How to make Crochet Blanket Flower Blossom Stitch Tutorial #CrochetGeek

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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,380
this is the stitch we will be learning
in this tutorial it can be worked up to

00:00:04,380 --> 00:00:08,849
make a shawl scarf or an Afghan tell me
about the project you will be making

00:00:08,849 --> 00:00:13,380
with the stitch and please share your
pictures to my Google+ community for

00:00:13,380 --> 00:00:18,150
this demonstration I will be using 4 ply
yarn and a size i 5.5 millimeter crochet

00:00:18,150 --> 00:00:22,350
hook you will take the loose end wrap it
over the main strand now you have a loop

00:00:22,350 --> 00:00:25,529
take the loop wrap it over the main
strand put your hook below the center

00:00:25,529 --> 00:00:30,920
strand back up the opposite side this
creates the slipknot the multiple for

00:00:30,920 --> 00:00:41,180
this project will be 13 so we will wor…

Comments are Changed Back to Google Account due to inappropriate comments

I have changed the comments back to moderation and Google Accounts due to a warning about inappropriate comments left on my blog.   While I do agree with our freedoms of choices & freedoms of speech,  I also have an appreciation for how women have been victimized & trafficked at the hands of the adult industry. Men have been victims too.  I am an advocate for evolving our thinking for all genders, to a higher thinking with gender equality in all aspects of life & the work force.

Speaking of human trafficking, another young college student approached my husband last night selling magazine subscriptions.  These folks are scammers & possibly being trafficked in the adult industry.  It's not just online that it happens as some lawmakers have people thinking.

We spent the day at the beach, Spud's first visit.  He had fun and even went for a swim on Hilton Head at Coligny Beach.   At one point it was really funny with all the dogs that showed up after 5:00pm.  One …