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Another Brick in the Wall - Censoring Conservative Bricks Liberally - Dress Right Dress Read

REMEMBER PE - Physical Education! Ms (TWINKLETOES)(Sanitized Name) let us play! PE was PASS of FAIL! We has to buy a UNIFORM for PE! It was kind of strange when you think about it in hindsight! We all had to match & look the same for PE! Sometimes the GIRLS would have to be reminded to take our uniforms home to get washed! Because the locker room would get stinky! We each had a locker to lock our gym clothes in & an extra pair of tennis shoes, which typically were old shoes! Our high school uniforms were a ONESIE type thing that zipped up the front! The bottom was baby blue, & the top was blue & white stripes! I don't remember what the boys wore! They usually wore something different! The girls uniforms were kind of a soft terrycloth! I don't know why I was compelled to write this but it was a memory that popped back in to my head from high school! We never cursed in school EVER! We never smoked in school EVER! WE never smoked pot aka MARIJUANA be…

How come we are FORCED to pay HIGHER INTEREST RATES based on CREDIT CHECKS, which violate 4th Amendment?

How come we are FORCED to pay HIGHER INTEREST RATES based on CREDIT CHECKS, which violate 4th Amendment?  Illegal search & seizure of personal information!  How is this freedom of choice? 

How come we are FORCED to pay HIGHER INTEREST RATES based on CREDIT CHECKS, which violate 4th Amendment, illegal search & seizure of personal information, background checks, which is not a UNIFORM POLICY for EVERYONE? So LOW INCOME PEOPLE are PAYING HIGHER LOAN RATES based on LOW WAGES, which is not EQUALITY FOR ALL! This is penalizing poverty!

Are there enough jobs & money for everyone?  If not, then we have a country of INDENTURED SERVANTS, working for free, which violates the 13th amendment & is not EQUALITY for everyone! 

Remember, every person is the CEO of their HOME, AT HOME!  Homes are ran just like a corporation!  When you have no money, you cut back!  When corporation have no money, they cut back, & fire people!  How many families are going to continue to kick their kid…

Why do we have to pay FEE to have an UNLISTED PHONE NUMBER?

Why has it been custom for us to have to pay to have an unlisted phone number?  How is this a UNIFORM POLICY for privacy, where we pay ADVERTISERS, someone to keep our PRIVATE INFORMATION PRIVATE?  Doesn't this violate the 4th Amendment ILLEGAL SEARCH & SEIZURE of INFORMATION?

Conservatism & Liberalism as a Mental Illness - Conservatives Censoring Conservatives

How do women retire, when we never counted as a contribution for the work we do? How do 1099 workers retire, when we don't have cost sharing & no employer to share a pension?

When people don't have the Internet, & UNIFORM HIGH SPEED access to SOFTWARE, to control our own money, then why would we want to invest in companies that right now are proving to be NOT SUSTAINABLE & throw people off of jobs, just depending on what politician has lobbied for certain parts of the country for job creation! When they are not investing in everyone, then the stock markets & brokerage firms seems like a BIG CASINO! The politicians & lobbyists will have an insider track to what sectors are being funded in advance of the money rolling out! Then they are funding some parts of the country, while excluding other parts of the country! When everyone in the USA has to be able to survive & has bills to pay! If there are not equal jobs & opportunities for everyone, then wha…

Conservative Republicans & Liberal Democrats are both a SERIOUS DISEASE that NEED ERADICATED CDC ALERT

Twitter has blocked me now which is more censorship! As far as I am concerned, just get rid of Twitter & we won't miss it! It even says making fun of serious diseases violates the rules! Well, Conservative Republicans & Liberal Democrats are a serious disease that needs to be eradicated! First Amendment Baby First Amendment Audit! I know BITCH is a word for FEMALE ANIMALS, DOGS! So the PUBLIC has been taught to be offended by words! It's still a personal choice whether to be offended! or not by what someone says! BEING OFFENDED is a PERSON CHOICE!

How many INDIGENOUS RURAL AMERICAN people of blended mixed ethnicity, US MILITARY VETERAN FAMILY have been able to afford to attend a private k-12 school & go to college?

If we didn't have this discussion on these SOCIAL ISSUES, how would we even recognize, what we were born in to? When we are born in to it, it "just is" all we know!

Now to figure out how to post this on my youtube community, in the …

Where can we SHARE PDF Documents without being penalized?

We used to be able to share PDF documents, & embed videos in PDF documents, which was a fun way to share knitting & crochet patterns!  Now it seems next to impossible to share them other than email!  I can share a video in email!  I can share text in email! I can share a PDF document in email!  To make the PDF document, I can go to Google DRIVE, to make the PDF document, then down load it to my computer!  I just can't include live links or video references in my PDF document, which was a great way to share information! 

How come we can't upload PDF documents to Blogger! How come we can't download an email as a PDF document? After all Google is a tech company! Maybe I will make that suggestion to gmail!

New and Improved Knit Fingerless Gloves for Quick Easy Crochet

New and Improved Knit Fingerless Gloves for Quick Easy Crochet

Thank you to Sue, from Sue's Crochet and Knitting for permission to use her pattern in this video. The video is made with the glove for women. The male version, is a larger version for the same style. 

UPDATE: When you go visit SUES PAGE, she has a new & improved crochet instructions for the knit gloves that are easier & faster than the previous version!

This pattern can easily be modified to make the glove with 2 or 3 ply yarn. Start the pattern with the cuff. The cuff will have more rounds so you will start off with more stitches creating the palm and thumb increase section. Everything throughout the pattern will be the same other than working more rounds and more stitches in each round.

Crochet Mittens / Fingerless Gloves Women - Written Instructions

Crochet Mittens / Fingerless Gloves Men - Written Instructions

So for a larger size, use a 5.50mm (I-9) or 6.00mm (J-10) hook. For a smaller size use a 4.50mm hook.

Your Social Security Number is being Used at the Mexican Border! Are you an American Veteran FAMILY?

Your Social Security Number is being Used at the Mexican Border!  Are you an American Veteran FAMILY of America?

I received a very creepy woman robotic voice yesterday, telling me my social security number is being used at the Mexican Border!  So if this is true, I should be eligible for full Veterans Benefits, since I am a resident in the United States of America, & I have served my country!  Who is anyone to determine & say what a job is, what counts as a job, what counts as work & who should get paid, & who shouldn't get paid?  Who should get benefits, who shouldn't get benefits? I have followed ORDERS, each time I moved as a military spouse, I did follow orders!  When my sons deployed to Afghanistan, IRAQ, KOREA, my DNA went with them, because they are me now, so I was in Afganistan, Iraq, Korea along with my country the United States of America, when America, SHE deploys, we are all going together!  So currently my Social Security Number is at the Mexican…

How come Mexico doesn't have straight line beaches like the USA? Entertainment Conservatism vs Liberal Conservatism

How come Mexico doesn't have straight line beaches like the USA United States of America?  Entertainment Tourism Liberal Conservatism vs Liberal Conservatism Entertainment Tourism

Does anyone remember Hurricane Katrina?  After the hurricane happened, something was mentioned about hotels being built for tourism in flood zones instead of re-building houses in the flood zones!  That way the hotels & tourism can pay to re-build their properties & write it off their taxes & claim it off their insurance plans!  Why do they keep asking the America Public for help to rebuild their properties along the coastline & on the islands!?  How many Americans have been caught in the same situation, yet the American Public never got assistance to rebuild a house purposely built in a flood zone! 

So is this actually global warming or a dredging manmade disaster? 

Swamps produce methane naturally with decomposition & consumption!  When the trees are cut down, doesn't this make…

Have you ever felt judged by a SERVICE WORKER for attending a DOCTORS APPOINTMENT?

Have you ever felt judged, over attending a doctors appointment, with someone who asks you to go with them?  I know I felt judged at times by the military doctors, who would ask me why I was at an appointment!  IN hindsight, I do understand because most thing I was going to the doctor for was things that could be resolved at home & my going to begin with, was a result of marketing, to get people to go to the doctor! 

This is one of those issues, that can swing both ways! The truth is, some men will use the fear of leaving for another woman, (cheating) as a means of control over a woman!  The woman was asking him about his diet & food because he was on these medications!  She asked him if he cheats! If we look at the context of cheat we also have chEAT = EAT!  Then she looks me in the face, asking me if he cheats! She was talking about his food!  She is staring me strait in the face, asking me if he cheats, twice!  Her routine seem well rehearsed! I just smile, & laugh a l…

How come civil rights leaders didn't challenge POTUS #44 PPACA DISCRIMIN...

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How come civil rights leaders didn't challenge President POTUS #44 with the Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act, if they truly care about the American People & the American Public? How come they didn't set a UNIFORM POLICY in place that made sure EVERYONE in the USA would receive healthcare? How come POTUS #44 got a pass from all these politicians, setting a policy to violate the constitution! 

Can I Upload My Reality TV SHOW Full Episodes on YouTube I created myself?

If I upload My reality TV Show’s full episodes That I Created on YouTube, can I monetize the whole season and make money?

I wrote YES, because its your reality TV show, & you made it yourself!    You can monetize the whole season, or whatever you want to call it!


THE ALLIANCE FOR MENTAL HEATH & WELL BEING HAS ADDED DEEP ASSOCIATIVE DISORDER known as hashtage #DAD, to the growing list of traits & concerns the MENTAL HEALTH LEARNING INSTITUTE is using for MEDICINAL MACHINE LEARNING with how the BRAIN works across GEO LOCAL LOCATIONS around the WORLD! If you have any questions or concerns,   contact the DEEP ASSOCIATIVE DISORDER #DAD Foundation for further details!

GREEN ONLY Search Engine Operation Discover Explore Navigate Mobile Digi...

If I were a ROBOT seeking GREEN ONLY!  Search Engine Operation Organization Optimization

Launch your DASHBOARD on YOUTUBE to find more analytics & discover, who is watching you! 
When I hear DASHBOARD, it has me thinking of MEATLOAF & the song paradise by the dashboard lights! 


Trinity Stitch Video Tutorial: Trinity Stitch Crochet
The multiple is 2 + 1.
You put your hook through the next chain and pull up a loop, leave the loop on your hook and repeat the same steps two more times. You will have 4 loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over your hook and pull through all 4 loops. Chain 1 to secure. Chain 1 again. Each stitch will share a chain loop with the previous stitch.

I was thinking of coming up with a different name for this stitch!  Maybe Half Star Stitch?

Sunday September 15, 2019:  So I decided to update this blog post!  I went back to blogger, to eliminate the personal use of a website name, which the branding didn't work for me as an individual, due to loss of revenue! 1099 workers don't have an employer to share SOCIAL SECURITY/MEDICARE, or any benefits! (Just like MOTHERS/SPOUSE get 0 to social security as well! Being a mother, divorced woman, never got me welfare benefits! Which how is this equality towards…

Orange Harvest Moon - Day of the Dead Friday September 13, 2019

Pretty Picture of the Harvest Moon - Day of the Dead

Uninsured WOMEN - Where is Equality for Women with Medical & 1099 Work?

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I was injured a month ago, after turning around on my bicycle, I put my left foot down on the grass, which is a gradual slope, on a home association common area, & hit my head on the pavement of the public sidewalk! I was taken away in an ambulance to St Joseph Candler! I am a spouse no health benefits, 1099 worker & have never had healthcare or benefits as a divorced military spouse, now in a 2nd marriage! We dont get matching anything as Spouse/Mother/1099worker. I lost my 1099 income, & can't apply for unemployment since 1099 doesn't count as a job with no employer! I have existing back problems, which this has not helped! Would the Home Association which is common area or City Side Walk have insurance to cover expenses?! Does the prices violate 8th Amendment Excessive Fines/Fees for services in price gouging?

EMS Services $1667.43 Georgia Emergency Associates $1059.00 St Joseph - $318.90

Sneak Peek: MORE Notifications Data in YTA!

This reminds me of :
* credit card companies who charge more interest, automatically & as a courtesy to the consumer with no notification! * cruise ships who automatically add tips as a convenience & then not tell the passengers! * companies who charge you annually for a service, then don't want to refund! * grocery stores who make packaging smaller, while slightly raising the price, & don't tell you! * phone companies who add additional fees, to increase their corporate profits! * cities who have home associations, which is an administrative fee, which performs the same service as city services as a tax, only the consumer pay more!
I got a notice today, where a GED DNA testing site, has excluded police from searching the DNA site, & automatically set all the profiles to exclude police, which is an example of a good use of bulk settings, since police searching DNA violates the 4th amendment illegal search & seizure!

How come the work, women do in the home, is not counted as work?

Every time someone loses a job, what happens to their health care? Every time jobs move to a different city, what happens to their livlihood, healthcare, benefits, pension, retirement? Some jobs require a person to work for the job, for an amount of time, before they get to keep the cost sharing for the 401k! So the employee/employer can be contributing, at the same time! BUT, if the employee quits, the company will take back what they contributed, by saying the employee was not vested long enough! So how is that a benefit, when they take back what they contributed to the employee?

How do people with a 1099 job, non employee self employed get unemployment, when that is not an option for 1099 workers? How do 1099 workers, the government know if self employment jobs are working, when we can't even apply for unemployement?

When people get divorced, that is the same as being fired for a stay at home spouse! No one should be forced to stay in a physically abusive & mentally abusive r…


What is driving the trend  of SEOUL SOUTH KOREA?

Are Public Schools & Colleges searching for SEOUL SOUTH KOREA, using students, as a means of CURRENT EVENTS being taught in MEDIA?Are school age children & college students being taught about actual AMERICAN HISTORY or just MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT in schools?  How come PUBLIC & COLLEGE school educations are so closely tied to current events on TV entertainment media?Are children & adults education based on an actual AMERICAN HISTORY or STORY TELLING ENTERTAINMENT, for the purposes of padding the SEO of CORPORATE MEDIA?
How would artificial intelligence know the difference between Seoul South Korea, the Sole of your feet, & your Soul, when the spellings can become blurred, by the way a person is speaking the word, & spelling even deviates in the USA, depending on what part of the country/cuntry you are from!

How do disabled military veterans & WOUNDED WARRIOR FAMILIES get up a curb, when mobility challenged?

How would a disabled US MILITARY WOUNDED WARRIOR, & young family of Veterans get up over the sidewalk parking right here in this image? Isn't this the same thought with how would a VETERAN with a broken leg get up the steps or bring mobility challenged family up the steps to their barracks? I ran in to this in Germany between 1988-1991! My grandparents had wanted to come & stay with me, but my dad said my grandma didnt do well on steps due to aging! My daughter had a teacher in a wheelchair, who had limited mobility, due to turbulance on an airplane! 2 soldiers carried her down the step to our CMR so she could get her mail, because the mail room went down some wicked narrow uneven steps! Then between 1991-1996 on Fort Knox, I had a neighbor behind me who had a child with muscle problems, so he had a 3 wheel therapy bicycle but not much room to use it! We had 2 story quarters there too! The one on Fort Riley was very cold what they did to the woman! I brought Dominoes pizza…

Conservative Censorship aka Censorshit - Conservatives Censoring Conservatives First Amendment

Maybe we need to do surveys on how many people just say they are christian, because people have been shamed in to silence by conservative chrisitians, forcing crap brain washing on everyone!? You don't have to be any religion! You can just be in existence! From my own experience, being a military wife/mother/support to military veterans, I just went along with the program, when the surveys would ask what religion or faith I am, because we were shamed in to silence, & made to feel like something was wrong with us if we didn't go to church!

If we examine the history of women in churches, sewing, cooking, cleaning, handmaking crochet & knitting, handmaidens of indentured servitude which violates the 13th amendment = SLAVERY!

Forcing this ideaology is that of a NARCISSIST CONTROLING POPULATION which comes out of faith based religion! When elderly people wont have conversations with their kids, that is forcing a way of life, to silence the kids from different points …