How come the work, women do in the home, is not counted as work?

Every time someone loses a job, what happens to their health care? Every time jobs move to a different city, what happens to their livlihood, healthcare, benefits, pension, retirement? Some jobs require a person to work for the job, for an amount of time, before they get to keep the cost sharing for the 401k! So the employee/employer can be contributing, at the same time! BUT, if the employee quits, the company will take back what they contributed, by saying the employee was not vested long enough! So how is that a benefit, when they take back what they contributed to the employee?

How do people with a 1099 job, non employee self employed get unemployment, when that is not an option for 1099 workers? How do 1099 workers, the government know if self employment jobs are working, when we can't even apply for unemployement?

When people get divorced, that is the same as being fired for a stay at home spouse! No one should be forced to stay in a physically abusive & mentally abusive relationship! Where does a woman/men/spouse get unemployment benefits to survive, when the women can't apply for unemployment & she doesn't count as a contributing member of society?

The top picture is a picture of my grandma, who retired at the age of 60 from being a public school teacher!  I would be curious to see my grandmas social security record, during the time she was raising children, & doing work at home!  I would also be curious to see my grandpas social security record!  

How do women, keep up with inflation, when millions of women/spouse have never gotten paid?

Grandma Memory


  1. I am so glad I live in the UK with our wonderful 'free' National Health Service. In inverted commas because of course it isn't free, we all pay for it in our taxes and National Insurance payments made from our incomes, but it's free when you need it, with no limit on how much you need it, and you never get a bill to pay. And it's equally free to those with no or little income who therefore don't have to pay any taxes.

    Yes, what's available at the top, expensive end of care can vary a bit depending on where you are in the country and which specialist hospitals are in your area, but that must apply to all countries. If you need a specialist treatment that your area can't provide, you will be usually be referred to where it can be.


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