Orange Harvest Moon - Day of the Dead Friday September 13, 2019

Pretty Picture of the Harvest Moon - Day of the Dead

Big Orange Cloud looking Moon   Digital Mobile Posts 1 hour ago I was injured a month ago, after turning around on my bicycle, I put my left foot down on the grass, which is a gradual slope,  on a home association common area, & hit my head on the pavement of the public sidewalk! I was taken away in an ambulance to St Joseph Candler!  I am a spouse no health benefits, 1099 worker & have never had healthcare or benefits as a divorced military spouse, now in a 2nd marriage!  We dont get matching anything as Spouse/Mother/1099worker. I lost my 1099 income, & can't apply for unemployment since 1099 doesn't count as a job with no employer! I have existing back problems, which this has not helped! Would the Home Association which is common area or City Side Walk have insurance to cover expenses?! Does the prices violate 8th Amendment Excessive Fines/Fees for services in price gouging?   EMS Services $1667.43 Georgia Emergency Associates $1059.00 St Joseph - $318.90
Orange Moon


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