Since we have water & potholes swallowing cars in Savannah, is it possible something else is going on like water currents shifting, the earth tilting? Maybe some magnetic space elements that are contributing to changes? We will discuss the impacts of dredging & building houses on dirt landfill another time! So does it make sense to build roads, that are below sea level? How many times a year, will residents, US MILITARY VETERANS be able to use a road, that is built below sea level? How many times a year, will residents, US MILITARY VETERANS need to evacuate their home that is built below sea level, & paid for off a VA Loan? So with inflated prices of goods services, then how much of a savings & benefit does the VETERAN get, when VETERAN figures the offset of excessive FEES, added to monthly expenses as a CEO of their own HOME AT HOME? How is building houses below sea level an investment for the FAMILY of MILITARY VETERANS?

So we have coastal cities, who are performing jobs, which is like putting a bandaid on the broken LEVEE, which the water keeps taking back at each storm! How come they money is not spent to help relocate people to a safer place!?

When these "business men" run the country, they just forge on, not caring about they are creating the disasters, by their actions of cutting down the trees & building houses in flood prone zones, for their own profit!


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