I just talked to a court clerk who sounded like Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson, because they sounded kind of similar! Maybe a voice actor, or voice impersonator! Some have said Ben Carson sounds like Michael Jackson as well! It was a lady named Ms Brown! Ms Brown said the case was closed and sent to superior court! She didn't have any phone numbers! The police officer said the case was sent to State court, which are the notes left behind! Conflicting information! Which is very appropriate, when I think of BROWN vs the BOARD of EDUCATION! And EQUALITY for ALL SCHOOLS in the United States of America! Which includes MEDIA, HUMAN BEINGS as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MEDIA & the INTERNET as a PLATFORM for ALL! It has made complete sense to me, with Michael Jackson and the dispute of SONY owning his INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, OWNING his VOICE, his LIKENESS, his IMAGE! So if he is paid as an ARTIST to perform a service for a music company, that doesn't mean that company OWNS his LIKENESS and his voice to profit off it forever for perpetuity, without sharing the profits with himself! I bet most people won't mind if they are paid really well, but the 1099 stuff, affiliate marketing just doesn't cut it! Which is very similar and the same to the COLLEGE FOOTBALL players, who are unpaid, and the college is using their likeness in video games, after they become mega famous like Michael Jackson! Even pro football players, can be cut from a team after injury! Currently we have TOM BRADY with the PATRIOTS, and they are keeping him because he is famous! I wonder, does pro football include paying all the players, when they are cut due to injury or are the medical expenses left up to the player who has been cut!? Pro football is saying the have a fund that pays for retired football! BUT I question what happens due to lack of transparency!

The other part that has prompted my mind is, I asked the Police Officer, who actually sounded a bit like the Pooler Mayor, MY CLAM, about the statue of limitations for holding electronics equipment and he didn't have an answer to how long they hold it! He did say that murder is open for perpetuity, child molestation closes after 20 years of reporting and rape closes after 7 years! The Catholic Church raises issues, about adults making claimes, & even Bill Cosby, where something happened 40 years ago! Is there a statue of limitations for making a claim, since the evidence will be gone! So we have the Catholic Church Priest & Popes being accused for things that happened 50 years ago! How would someone investigate, when the crime scene is gone? So when a PRIEST is removed from being a PRIEST, then how would they get a job with OPEN RECORDS? The CLERGY has been FIRED, but with OPEN RECORDS, they can no longer work around children! SO they have been accused of something that may not even be true! What about a statue of limitations for filing a report of molestation? There is a difference between a statue of limitation for investigating a claim vs, investigating the claim for a certain amount of years! SO with this, Michael Jackson, was accused of child molestation, which was this an INTERNET/MEDIA publicity stunt that went wrong or was it to try to change a law or both? I can see it being both! So with celebrities, they could be marked by the public, if someone thinks they have a lot of money, which would be extortion & black mail! Which that itself becomes a crime towards the celebrity & even FOSTER families, which is related to my ex soldier, having charges toward him that were not true! He was a child himself and should not have been blamed for something his parents were doing! Yet the law used a child, to get to the parents! Hopefully he will get a dismissal letter, because I never thought he should have been charged for something his parents were doing! If they were doing something else that had been flagged, I don't know what they were doing! Later the dad had charges and changed jobs a lot! A child should not be used to get at parents, who may be doing something, which they have no idea what they are doing? From small town to big media, there are synchronicities, I see, that should be updated, such as a statue of limitations for filing cases against a person, such as child molestation! Nothing wrong with talking about something that happened in your life, but its likely people will view things differently! So is there going to be a 75 year old man accusing a 101 year old priest of child molestation that happened 65 years ago?


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