Can you tag fellow users and entertainers in YouTube videos? SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Can you tag fellow users and entertainers in YouTube videos?

Search Engine Optimization Operation Organization!

What is your definition of tagging? Could tagging be the same as collaboration with words just by who you MENTION? So you can TAG & COLLABORATE with anyone you want to, just by MENTIONING them in the video! When you watch celebrities at awards ceremonies, they have a specific set of words they say, MENTIONING people they worked with & other words which are BLUR WORDS, GENERIC WORDS, which would be, THE WRITER, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, SCREEN PLAY WRITE, GENERAL MANAGER, GOPHER, GRIP! So if you were in the US Military, you would say, I Want to thank the Drill Sergeant, First Sgt, Captain, General, LT COLONEL, Specialist, Coroporal, Private First Class, Staff SGT, Flight Naval Coordinator, Navy Seaman, Airman First Class, Veterans American Family, General Star! The search engine will search and find your words, & you can make a LIST of MENTIONS, TAGS, USERS in your video description if you want to! Can you tag your MOTHER, FATHER, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, SISTER, BROTHER, CHARLIE, APPLE, COURTNEY!

You have the TAGS SECTION of each video to tag any person in a video!
You have the video description to note/tag/mention/user a person!
You have the comment section where you can note/tag/mention a person as much as you want to! I have noticed a lot of folks are writing in a story telling fashion, to promote someone! So for example if you know a celebrity named STAR, you would write a story that say, Star was out on the sidewalk the other day, & the cameras were rolling on her, & she was smiling, signing autographs for her fans! Star stopped and gave a little baby a hug, because he was waving at her, even tho he had no idea who she was! Then the babys sister wanted a hug! Star was having a grand time hugging the kids!
The COMMUNITY on youtube tab is the last place which has direct tagging which is where you use the at SIGN & can directly mention a USER, company or celebrity who is using youtube!


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