Liberal Applied Conservative Ethics of Excluding Woman from the Mix

Does that mean CEOs, & senior leaders, supervisors in corporations also avoid misconduct investigations by retiring? Hmmmm....... makes you wonder! And they get retirement packages, pension, stock holdings, retirement, to accompany their misconduct, so they are rewarded for misconduct!  So men get rewarded, & a divorced spouse gets nothing!  

(I was having a conversation with a young man in the grocery store who looked just like my oldest son!  He even spoke like him! His mannerisms were just like my son! I wanted to hug him, just because I miss my kids! He and another guy were talking about health insurance! My daughter & sons served, in the US Military as kids, & later became active duty! I served a different role as support, rear detachment, doing the same jobs they do in the military, only the US military got paid! Just trying to get divorced, my ex made things harder on my during the process! On purpose! The US military veterans deserve social security disability, so they are taken care of! America is SHE, is all of us, has been to war, battered, scared, so we all deserve to be taken care of, instead of battling each other for a position at the top!) This is what true equality would be, making sure SERVICES are for everyone, not just a few! 

How come there are not term limits for Judges, supreme court judges, social security judges? The US military troops changes jobs every few years, which is a good thing, because different people in the mix surface bad practices! And people missing from the mix surface bad practices of exclusion as well!  Maybe police need to change jobs every few years too & get transferred around  the country like the US military!?  Even veterans with Veterans jobs & services, like national guard & reserves can be transfer jobs!
You don't have to have a college degree to be a judge or elected leader! When enough jobs are not available, people do go to social security to apply for disability, where they are at the mercy of a judge to decide if they are eligible for social security, when all the people going in front of the judge need the same benefits, because jobs are not available! Each judge will interpret the meaning of social security different! The United States American Veterans Family deserve Social Security Disability Benefits 100%! America is disabled!  When one person is disabled, & lacks services, then don't we all?




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