Should the US Military no longer put the troops social security number on dog tags?

A netflix phishing scam is going around on facebook asking for social security numbers!  To get comcast turned on, I had to give them my social security number, same with the electric bill, water bill, banking accounts, medical services! Seems it violates the 4th amendment, illegal seizure of private information for some and not others!? The ambulance service was asking me my social security number & address, when I fell & injured my head August 11! The hospital asked for my social security number too! How do we protect our social security number, when some won't let you turn the service on, use the service, unless you give them your social security number? How is this UNIFORMITY in SERVICES!? UCMJ under the united states, uniform code of military justice, uniformity in services! Does the US Military still for the troops to have their social security number on their dog tags?


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