How to Make Crochet Star Stitch Hat Tutorial - TRENDS of CORPORATE ASS TWEETING

Trying to make a Jasmine stitch hat from the bottom brim up. Do you have any videos on it Theresa?

You would have to ask a corporate media network person who gets paid to REPEAT TRENDS! Me being an independent person, I dont get paid! Its to much work to work for nothing, teaching such complex detailed skills! Do you remember Yasmine Bleath from Bay Watch? She might be running around on a beach near Washington DC somewhere, spouting some repetitive garbage out her ass on some FAKE NEWS stations! Maybe I'm confused with some YAZ pharma birth control pills! I don't know! Could be confused with Farrah Faucet the PERFECT 10 or Fawcet Majors, who was married to Lee Majors the Bionic Man! Who was also Larry Hagman on Dallas and Major Nelson on I Dream of Jeanie! Also Bo Derek, with the braids, running around on the beach! Farrah & Bo kind of look a lot like each other! Now we have an attorknee company named Farrah & Farrah! Maybe like Lee Majors & Major Nelson for Majors & Majors! Quite a connection to SPACE ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS!


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