LIVE: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

I have a few questions to ask related to the Impeachment Hearing!

How come president Barack Obama was not investigated for the same foreign election tampering as current #45?

Why did president #44 get a pass and the American Public & Media seemed fearful in questioning anything about him?   

How come the supporters of #44 who gave him a pass, are not afraid of ripping in to #45 and destroying him over "white nationalism"?

Is corporate media just using investigations for perpetuity for their content creation while excuding NEW MEDIA independent content creators?

Would a corporation be investigated if they hired a person based on their ethnicity and race, which is addressed in our constitution under equality?

Why was America groomed, to be fearful of questioning a "minority" president?

Are the two parties and corporate media the monopoly in the USA, when we don't have to have parties!?

Could advertising money be laundered from foreign countries, targeted specifically to EXCLUSIVE MEDIA NETWORKS, while excluding NEW MEDIA content creators?


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