Missed Synchronicites - Marginalizing a President who Signed the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT!

Missed Synchronicites - Marginalizing a President who Signed the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT!

TAPPING the PUBLIC AIRWAVES in 2019! Cognative Dissonance!

19NOV2019 - 08:11 - 8:11am

Here's whats on my mind, the gray matter between my ears! George Bush in a classroom where the teacher is tapping her pen on a desk! Georgia Bush no child left behind - marginalized by corporate media with what he was doing! Electromagnetic Frequencies Russian woodpecker DUGA RADAR Modem = tapping noises

 Kinetic Bombardment - Rod of God Weapon

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinetic_bombardment Sound also being transferred from one vehicle to another! Energy transferred to another! (Example bounding ball)

 Directed-energy weapon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directed-energy_weapon Theory - Directed Energy Weapons were used to take down the WTC because they were to tall and were leaning on the bedrock due to continental plate shift! As an anonymous source from Twitter brought up, how do you get First Responders above the fire, when their ladders don't reach that far? When the water lines are cut off to the top of a tall building, then what good are water lines to put out fires? Someone orchestrated some story telling?! So tall building are imploded all the time due to age and wear and tear! Theory within the theory! 1. Being attacked keeps the public fearful and the money train rolling in favor of division of the American Public for it to be "laundered" from the taxpayers to private corporation and outside countries! Let me repeat! Laundering taxpayer money from the taxpayer to the pocketbook of private companies! 2. If the public is told the buildings are being imploded, then what kind of questions will they start asking about where and how the money is being used, since initially the WTC was owned by the New York Port authority, which is government?

 Duga Rada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duga_radar So we have also got the consistent tapping noise of the Duga Radar! (NOTE: TAPPING of the classroom teacher with GEORGE W BUSH) DUGA systems interrupt broadcasting frequencies, such as what we experience with YOUTUBE on WIFI! This is an OVER the HORIZON RADAR! Of recent years, there are a lot of Bouys out in the ocean when maybe enhance "over the horizon" communications! It makes a tapping noise, not readily identifiable to the human ear, unless you have some type of hand held RF radio device to pick up the signal! Another theory not mentioned with DUGA on WIKI - Some have speculated president richard nixon became ill when he visited the soviet union! The speculation was surrounding the consistent tapping of something in his room! Which would be similar to 5G Modems tapping! Which would be similar to Smart Meters tapping! So of someone knew president richard nixon was getting ill! Say a private company decided to take advantage of the increase in popularity of the internet, knowing the tapping would be brought in to every house in the form of a modem and forced smart meters on houses! Many sources have said, for 5G to fully work, there would need to be an antenna every 5 houses or so! BUT with FORCED smart meters, WIFI signals on SOLAR LIGHTS, there is an UNSECURE NETWORK using the POWER COMPANY to force an antanna on every house and in the schools! THEORY - Could this be MANMADE mental illness, which is (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) using the DUGA over the horizon TAPPING, with thc American Public as collateral damage, with unexplained ailments to the American Public, based on a popular technology with the Internet, in the form of Mental Illness, and varying levels of sleep interruption due to increased tapping noises! Many of the symptoms will cross over to other medical symptoms! When the signals are increase at higher levels, I know from my years of transparency with this topic, I don't get a good night sleep and I feel like crap! When it first started, I was getting the warming sensation, prickly sensation, I got really angry for no reason at all! Then I felt like I was just in a consistent state of agitation and supposed to be angry all the time! That is a miserable way to live with holding anger!


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