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How is this dealt with via the medical system? How do I explain this to a healthcare practitioner? If you've done this, has it helped at all? Please advise - I am overwhelmed with the death threats, etc.

The only way for a medical system to understand this it to go through a COGNATIVE NOISE/FREQUENCY TRAINING as a human being! With FIELD training! And CANINES will alert things we dont hear as a human being! If a human feels pressure in their ears, and a dog starts barking, then even tho we don't hear the sound, there is something, a sound or frequency happening in our environment! Humans can be trained based on how we feel and cognitive behavior! It has happened to me, here where I live! I have not been able to sleep well for the past 6 years, which makes it hard for me to concentrate and do my work! Medical staff, politicians, doctors, lawyers can live right next to an INTERSTATE, while they are going to college with the college building right next to the interstate with all the noises! Living location teaches a lot! This would be good for lawyers too! They can live close to an airport, where planes are taking off all night long! Airplanes are taking off over their college while they are trying to concentrate and study! Medi Staff should live right close to an airport maintenance building where the engines are being revved up for extended periods of time to include the shrill whistling and grinding vibrations from the engines and the radar, microwave & sonic frequencies! There is train noise all night and cars, trucks blasting past their apartment all night long! Jake breaks for slowing down trucks! It is going to be impossible for a baby, a child to express environmental factors and home factors, other than crying, by saying they have a headache or they hear something! BUT that is not eough! Part of their training can be writing concentration, because when writing up prescriptions, recommending prescriptions it is crucially important that they get the prescription right and don't make mistakes! As a trained standardize Psychiatrist administering controlled substances! Abandoned shopping malls turned in to colleges next to Interstates and outdoor lectures would be a good college training! Each medical staff should be given a carbon monoide/dioxide detector and sound meter to take readings at various times and various conditions! Sunny day vs Foggy day vs Rainy Day vs Holiday vs Night! They should journal and take notes, keep a log of the conditions while they are attending college/school which is submitted in to an electronic data base, while they can keep their own notes too! I have been doing that myself since 2015, keeping notes in various places as conditions where I live have deteriorated! With trees being cut down, which brings in more noise to the area! Unfortunately because I am banned from Facebook, I have lost a lot of my notes! And Google+ deleted itself, so I have lost more notes there, which Google+ is where I started noticing changes and hearing these tones and sound vibrations! There should be different locations! 1) New York city, Atlanta, Dallas would probably be the worst but where I live right now is very bad because we have noise across the water, from Airport, Interstate, Train! Which water intensifies sound travel! WE are only 30 miles from the ocean and in the tidal basin! The ocean itself is noisy! Fog is water, which would intensify noise travel! We do have microwave frequencies probalby from the Airport, which are at different levels! 2) Another location would be next to an Interstate inland, not near much water and more trees as a buffer, but still in a city! I stayed at a hotel right on an Interstate in Florida, with airplanes flying over all night, right before a vacation and it was miserable! With that much traffic, you don't get a good night sleep! With all the vibrations, you are woke up at night! With less traffic and noise, you can sleep! I have stayed in a hotel where motorcycles are revving up engines all night long! Where i live right now, I am woke up all the time in the middle of the night from noise and warehouses churning! This is not a retirement community at all! IT is hell and very stressful! When you lack sleep, you get a fog head! Similar to mothers with newborn babies! 3) Another location would be in the midwest in a rural area! The US Military has a gas chamber! Could the US military and colleges do a SOUND/FREQUENCY CHAMBER without damaging a persons hearing!? It does cause bodily harm, in creating a headache! The only way to teach medical staff is with a demonstration! If they are going to pass the course and become a medical, they have to pass the SOUND/FREQUENCY CHAMBER, then journal how they feel afterwards! I think I have been taking to the point of passing out at least 4 different times! Once when I lived in Germany, and 3 times here where I live now! I have been taking mental notes at the different military bases I lived! At fort knox, we had the heavy C141s flying over our quarters all the time and the ground was always shaking! I might feel tiny buzzing sensations but nothing like I have felt in the past 6+ year living here in Georgia! IT is miserable! I just don't feel like doing anything! THere might be a day where the 5G is lowered, and I feel full of energy and have concentration! Here is miserable!


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