What are the SEO techniques for YouTube channels and videos?

Google Trends is where you can find the top trending topics about current events! However, since YouTube is story telling mixed with reality! You don’t have to talk specifically about a celebrity or the FAKE NEWS to utiize the same trending words! In other words, MAKE SOME SHIT UP and tell stories like the FAKE NEWS!

Google Trends
Another trick is to type a letter of the Alphabet in to the YouTube search! You will get the TOP 10 populate! When you add a second character of the alphabet, you will get a different set of top 10 words! Do you see a common denominator here, where corporate media has favored itself?

You can do the same thing to get a TOP 10 on Google! Each search engine is going to be different!

Bing only gives you a Top 8! Maybe they are trying to be a little different and original?

With DuckDuckGo you have to Scroll to see the top 10! Very odd the whole thing doesn’t populate! DuckDuckGo does seem to sponsor celebrities and stores! Quite possibly they have not updated their code for the website?


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