How Masculine Hormones Cause Pain in a Woman FEMININE Body?

How come the medical industry, has never done a report on aging, to discuss the negative side effects of a man and pain in a womans body with hormones?  When you look at animals in the wild & domestic, the FEMININE animal will swat away the male!  Yet in America, there has been a push for "recreational procreation", which contributes to the marginalization of wife/spouse/companion, where the guy will say, "Well if you won't give me any, then I will just go get it some place else"!  Which is a common phrase used on women!  

When I was little kid,  I had this thinking that when the wife doesn't do as the man says, then he goes and gets a girl friend!  The same was true for weight!  IF the wife gains weight and gets fat, then the husband will find a girl friend, because the man hate fat women!  I remember being about 8, which would be in the 1970s time frame, saying something to my dad, and asking him if he was going to go get a girl friend because mother is fat!  My dad got very upset with me!  That was probably about the same age, that I had watched the MOVIES of the week!  SO typicaly the MOVIE of the week, was some woman in crisis, being raped by some man at work!  Rape became acceptable thru television!  A woman was marginalized if she told, and she was marginalized for not telling!  With a mostly male police force, men were just going to give the man doing the rape a pass!  So those in leadership positions, which is dominantly male in America, are keeping leadership roles stacked for them!

Has the medical industry ever done a report on YELLING at kids, wife/spouse/companion AT HOME, to uncover the BURNING of STRESS Hormones thru the spine, produced in a persons body?!  So with a consistent bully narcissist, rule with the iron fist, approach of intimidation to keep a grown WIFE, and kids in CHECK using FEAR, to not say anything, because it causes him discomfort?  When I think back to childhood, I do think of fond memories being in church, but then the pastor yelled, which just triggered being yelled at AT HOME!  There are times I would be at school, and feeling stress, tension, wondering what kind of mood my mother was going to be in when I got home!  I was mulling over things I had done and said, judging myself in advance, rehearsing words to say to them for what I had done, when I didn't know if I had done anything! I grew up in fear and judging myself, becuase that is how we were raised!  To just the actions & words of each other thru christianity! Liberals and conservatives, judging liberals and conservatives!  And now my old man/companion/spouse is doing the same thing, just like my parents, treating me like a child!  This bully narcissist mentality filtered in to the corporate sector and sports sector with the TIER, working your way to the tope!

I have found when grumpy old man is gone to visit his people, my pain starts to diminish! I'm not sure if that is from not being around him so the hormones calm down, and/or hime not yelling at me about everything each day or both? When all this started about 4 - 6 years ago, recoginzing the cues & feelings in my body, each time he would yell, I would feel this burning in my spine, each time he yells at me so that was an obvious of something happening in my body, when I feel a burning sensation rush down my spine, when he is yelling at me! The less money I made, the more he yelled at me! Did that happen so much when I was a baby, that by the time I would have gotten old enough to describe what is happening, I just got used it it and redirected the pain to biting my fingernails to ignore the other pain in my body? Currently he is yelling at me over identity politics in the home! He got his benefits and has already proven to me that he don't give a shit about me as a wife or person other than someone he marginalizes at home with complete exclusion! This is the type of person, who makes himself better off taking a companion/spouse money and sweat equality for his own benefit, with the intent to exclude her!

This certain minority class of males/men/husband/spouse/companion is a narcissist bully! Remember, IF THE SHOE FITS! Paying for a WIFES RENT is not EQUALITY!

 Huib Wetzel  Without regulation, we get inflation with FEES! I am in a situation, where I contributed AT HOME with work I did, and I paid for the HOUSE monetarily! I have a husband who wants to exclude me! Once the house was paid for, he yells and screams, because he wants me to leave! I have no place to go! He says he protected himself, by setting up a legal document with a premarital agreement! Most premarital agreements are for the wife to be included! I thought this was for what we brought in to the marrage! My husband had a loan on the house, so he didn't own the house! I had nothing but a jeep and some household items that hold memory value! My husband had 401K & retirement accounts! SO he lost his job, we moved to another state! I started an independent media business and was earning really good income for a while so I started taking up where he was no longer able to! When I met him, he said he had a really good paying job and he could take care of everything! He lost two more jobs in the process and ended up in the hospital! I am watching the price of insurance go up every year, after the Affordable Healthcare went in to effect! The last loan for the house was based off my income, where my husband took out a loan for the house, with my name on it because he needed my income! He included a Quit Claim Deed but I had no idea what a Quit Claim Deed meant! The documents were sent to the house, there was no other person around to witness what happened! I remember asking him something about my name being on the house, and he says, oh you get the trust upon his passing! I was not thinking about marital exclusion, where he would do a narcissist gas lighting to level himself up off a naieve woman! Now he is using the words, THAT IS YOUR naivete and ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law! HE says, "when you don't spend money right, someone else will spend it for you!" While he trashes my past as a military spouse and telling me I could have done better in life instead of marrying a military man! He had me, his WIFE, sign a quit claim deed, to exclude me from the house & am helping pay for with a loan he took out in my name! He put the house in a trust, which goes to me, as long as I stay married to him! I have since later figured out what it meant! I never had experience taking out loans! The problem with narcissist con artists like my husband, is they believe they are not doing anything wrong! Even Donald Trump includes his wife/companion with equitable compensaion! I was paying my husbands insurance because he had none! He had been mentioning he didn't have much money going in to his pay, which might be around $1600 a month, from his pension & retirement from his company! For some reason, he can't live off of $1600 a month for himself! So I asked him, one time if he needed some money, but that opened the flood gate of him requesting money from me every month to pay for everything, while he was transferring his retirement money to a brokerage account for trading on the stock market! He was double up payments on the house! When I ask him what happened to my almost $400,000, he says, we went on a lot of trips, cruises! We have been on around 15 cruises, which would amount to $20,000 maybe? HE tells me that he used my money paid for household items, and his money paid for the house! He said he had money in his brokerage account and he had enough money to pay for the house but he didn't! So in this case, he had no separation of marital money, I have a digital trail where I transferred money to the joint account! SO how come this is not viewed as embezzeling and white collar crimes!? Andrew Yang exposes a big problem where spouse/wife/companion are excluded, and living in indentured servitude! Men like my husband have this thinking that they are going to get their reparations one way or another! And make their self better in life, off someone who doesn't have the same life exerience path! So when you mention Andrew Yang & $12,000, then we have husbands embezzling and excluding a wife/spouse/companion! Because some men have this thinking the wife/spouse/companion is no contribution in the HOME AT HOME! So the Husband has the means to keep his 401K money separate, taking money from a spouse, marital assets, while keeping money in brokerage account, that the wife/spouse/companion is not supposed to be able to touch! Yet in my case, my husband took money from me, to pay for the house and transfer money in to ROTH retirement, where I as a wife/spouse/companion are excluded from the contributions I made with sweat equality and monetarily!


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